Vaginismus Hypnotherapy. Ready to enjoy pain-free sex with ease and comfort?

The Vaginismus Hypnotherapy programme is designed for professional women who struggle to have penetrative sex. You will learn how to have sex with ease and comfort by resolving sexual fears and retraining your mind, body and vagina. 

Appointments are available in London Harley Street and Online.

If you struggle to have sex Vaginismus Hypnotherapy can help

Vaginismus Hypnotherapy teaches you the specific steps you need to take so you, your body and vagina can learn how to have sex with ease and comfort.

So if you are worried you can’t have penetrative sex, keep reading on how the Vaginismus programme can help you.

Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Removes the barriers holding you back

  1. You are not able to have penetrative sex
  2. Fear of sex and pain
  3. Anxious about inserting something in your vagina
  4. Raised in a conservative culture / religious home
  5. disconnected from your body and vagina
  6. You have a negative view about sex and your sexual fears and beliefs blocks you from having sex
  7. You experienced childhood trauma
  8. It feels like there is a barrier / wall of tension which blocks anything entering your vagina
  9. You are a virgin and not able to have penetrative sex

If this sounds familiar I can help

Vaginismus Hypnotherapy and coaching for painful sex.

Sex Hypnotherapist

Linda Connors

I am one of the few Hypnotherapist specialising in female sexual problems and vaginismus. Since 2007 I have taught hundreds of women who struggle to have sex learn how to have sex with ease and comfort.

You are here most likely because you feel frustrated, ashamed, and even worried the impact vaginismus has on your relationship. Are you scared and anxious about having sex (perhaps for the first time) and would like specialist support?

The Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Programme is a proven and full treatment plan. It works because it solves the six stages of vaginismus. You will learn how to retrain your mind, body and vagina so you can begin to have sex with ease and comfort.

If you are looking for a female hypnotherapist to help you to overcome vaginismus I can help. I have created a specifically designed programme which supports you every step of the way.

Private appointments are held in London Harley Street, Bath and online. Click on the button below or call 075 3421 3556 to book your appointment.

Vaginismus Hypnotherapy

Have sex with ease and comfort by solving the six stages of Vaginismus

How does it work?

Six Stages of Vaginismus:

  1. Overthinking, thoughts, mindset and beliefs
  2. Anxiety and fear of sex (and putting anything in your vagina)
  3. Pain during penetration and sex
  4. Vagina wall blocks penetrative sex 
  5. The automatic response causing your vagina and body to withdraw and shut down
  6. Relationship with your vagina

Comfortable Sex

You may be wondering if you be able to have a healthy and pain-free sexual relationship? It is because I once suffered from vaginismus.

The Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Programme is more than just learning how to use dilators – it’s a process of learning who you are as a woman, building a loving and caring relationship with your vagina, and retraining your mind, body, heart and vagina so you can enjoy sex with ease and comfort.

As you take the steps through the programme you will notice a positive impact on your mindset, belief system, femininity, sexual confidence and your ability to have sex. This is a programme where you will dive deep, address your fears, reconnect to your sexual energy and release the sexual self which has been hiding for so long.

You will go through the programme at your own pace and I will support, challenge and guide you to take steps forward, to take risks, and go beyond your comfort zone.

Vaginismus Hypnotherapy

The Process

The Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Programme is a proven step by step system.  You will be work through the six stages of vaginismus. This helps to retrain your mind, body and penis.

Your Goals (sacred yes)

Linda doesn’t work with goals because she uses a formula called “Sacred Yes”. You will discover what your yeses. For example, yes to building a better relationships with my vagina.

The Method

As a highly experienced practitioner, Linda combines Sex-Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Meditations. She also works with Success Intelligence, Body RePattering, Enneagram and Mindset training.

Using Dilators/Vagina Trainers

You will receive support using dilators with various products to listen to at home. This supports you to reach the largest size with ease and comfort.

Vagina Relationship

Many women view their vagina as disgusting and ugly. When you learn to love your vagina (with linda’s love your vagina 7 day programme) you will notice a dramatic change in your life

Vagina Retraining

Your vagina has been trained and conditioned to respond to sex and penetration with fear and closing down. As part of the programme you will retrain your vagina to be more open, relaxed & comfortable.

Anxiety and Fear

Learn how to respond to sexual fears and penetration in a new way by building a stronger relationship between your mind and body.

Sex Preparation

Through this step by step process you will be preparing your mind, body, heart and vagina to get ready to experience penetrative sex. I will support you every step of the way.

Sexual Empowerment

Sexually empowerment is about learning to love yourself, your vagina and your sexual expression. It’s about embracing your vulnerability and your wild feminine. I will help you.

comfortable sex
sex with ease
pain free sex

What's possible for you

Stop overthinking

Use dilators with ease

Change relationship with fear

Sexually confident

Retain Vagina, mind and body

Enjoy sex with ease and comfort

Pain-free sex

Develop healthy relationship with vagina

Sexually Empowered

Virginity and Vaginismus Hypnotherapy

Preparing to have sex for the first time

You may be fearful or scared about having sex for the first time especially if you have suffered from vaginismus for a long time. I have worked with women who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s who are married but not yet been able to have sex.

I provided additional support if you have not had sex yet and are still a virgin. This is essential because not only do you need support on resolving vaginismus but also the added stress of having sex for the first time.

The Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Programme offers you full support.  You will be prepared emotionally, physically and mentally  level so you feel calmer and more relaxed as you begin to have sex for the first time.

Hypnotherapy for vaginismus and painful sex

Who is the Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Programme suitable for?

This programme is suitable is suitable for women who have tried other hypnotherapist, doctors, sex therapist and dilators with little or no results..

I have extensive experience working with women from a range of different cultural and religious backgrounds (from Christians, Jewish, Muslims and Hindu). In fact, many women travel from the Dubai to work with me in London.

Many of my clients are successful and high achievers. Some women are married and never had sex and it’s putting a serious strain on the marriage.

Some women are single and fear starting a relationship because of Vaginismus and not being able to have a sexual relationship.

Vaginismus Hypnotherapy Appointments

If you are worried about vaginismus and the lasting impact it is having on your relationship and sex life contact Linda today.

Call 075 3421 3557 or click below to send a private and confidential message to Linda.

Appointments are available in London Harley Street or Online. Linda also offers a free telephone consultation. 

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