I am currently inviting Hypnotherapist and Coaches to join my team

Are you interesting in having a rewarding career in specialising in working with sexual problems? 

Do you have at least five years experience working as a hypnotherapist or a coach?

Be willing to go on your own sexual journey?

Are you open and comfortable working with sexual issues?

Hi, I'm Linda The UK's Leading Sex Hypnotherapist

I have 12 years experience working as a Hypnotherapist and a Coach specialsing in working with sexual problems.  Many of my clients come from around the world, different religions and cultures, as well as different sexual orientation. 

Through much research and study I have created powerful and dynamic hypnotherapy programmes for men and women’s sexual problems. They are unique and very successful. 

How to join my team

The first step is to contact me and let’s speak. Really speak. It will be an indepth conversation to explore if we are a good fit to work together.  

Many of my clients are high achievers, successful and yearning for a better sex life. 

Qualities and attributes

  • You are genuinely passionate about working with sexual problems
  • You are inclusive and willing to work with all people regardless of their sexual orientation, 
  • You are open and comfortable talking about sex, penis, vaginas and masturbation – and not just in a clinical sense
  • You are ethical and comfortable saying to a possible client that you are not a good fit to work together
  •  You have done, or are willing, to do your own inner work
  • Most hypnotherapy training are very inadequate for working with sexual problems so you will be open in a new way of working
  • You are comfortable, or are willing to learn how to be with clients emotions from fear, anxiety and shame and are willing support them to work through them rather than “quick” fix them.
  • You either work from home via online zoom or in an external office
  • If working online you must have secure internet access and security (Linda will give you advice on this)
  • You are insured, registered and follow GDPR guidelines

Hypnotherapy apprenticeship and mastermind group

Before  you join my team you must enter an apprenticeship with me.  This will be fun, challenging, and life changing! Not only will you be trained to work with sexual issues and I will teach you my method you will also go on your life changing journey. 

In the future I also plan on running mastermind group as well

Being part of the wonderful team

You will have your appear on the team page
You will have your own profile page with seo set up for your location
You will also have supervision with me
We will have six monthly gatherings (online and in person in Glastonbury, Somerset UK)


All are invited to join!

Regardless of your sex, sexuality, religion, culture or location you are invited to contact me. 

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