Sexual connection for couples

Sexual Connection Intensive Day for couples

Are you as happy and fulfilled in your sex life and relationship as you could be?
A private couple intensive day to build deeper connection, love and pleasure
If you and your partner sex life is suffering or you are not as close and connected as you would like, this special day is for you. Location: we can meet in London or in Somerset. Time: 10 to 4pm The process It will be a day of conversations, meditation, movement and other exercises. Here are some of your possibilities: To help you both to connect with our own bodies more deeply, how to love yourself, your partner and be loved in a new powerful way. Align your mind, body and heart for deeper and loving connection. Communication skills. Open your heart. How to book your special connection day The first step is to call Linda on +44 (0) 753 421 3557 or complete the form below. We will explore the possibility of us working together and what your goals and wishes are the connection day.

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