Rewilding your sex-life

ReWilding Your Sex Life Webinar with Linda Connors
Monday 22nd July 2019 7pm UK time

3 Keys To Liberate The Wild Within
​and restore yourself back to your natural state before the shame, disconnection, people pleasing and aiming for perfection kicked in

Join Linda for the ReWilding Your Sex Life Webinar

During this webinar I will share the 3 keys to liberate the wild woman within. This is not just about sex – it’s about who you truly are and how show up in all areas of your life.

The busyness of life, shame, anxiety, disconnection from your body and vagina, people pleasing and putting others first disconnects you from your body and vagina.

ReWilding your sex life is about restoring yourself back to your original nature.  That beautiful energy that dwells inside you. Some call it the divine feminine or sexual energy that helps us to be connected, strong, powerful, brave and courageous.

Who is the ReWilding Your Sex Life Suitable for?

This webinar is suitable for women who are

  • Experience sexual issues, vaginismus, low sex drive or difficultly with orgasms
  • Perimenopausal
  • Going through the menopause
  • In their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond
  • Feeling frustrated, unhappy and dissatisfied in life
  • Curious about exploring their sex life and how they show up

ReWilding Your Sex Life Webinar

Date: Monday 22nd  July 7pm UK time

If you are unable to attend a recording will be available

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