Low Sex Drive

Low Sex Drive and libido Hypnotherapy Programme

Is low sex drive and libido creating sexual tension and upset in your relationship?

​UK’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist Linda Connors is an expert in helping men and women increase their sex drive and libido through hypnotherapy, coaching, and meditation so they can start to enjoy sex and create a more loving, intimate and connected relationship

You can fix low sex drive and low libido through specific techniques, training and steps




Linda Connors is Europe’s leading Sex Hypnotherapist and works with men, women and couples to increase sex drive and libido and improve relationships.

The Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy Programme provides solutions to improve your sex drive and libido through proven steps, techniques and training to create more connection and intimacy between you and your partner.
​This Programme will help you to sexually reconnect with who you are so you are more open and interested in sex. You will stop being being held back by low sex drive and start to feel sexually confident to enhance your sex life with deeper intimacy and connection so you can enjoy sex.

The Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy Programme is available in London Harley Street, Bath and Online Skype.  ​If you are ready to increase your sex drive and libido, and improve your sex life, contact Linda on 075 3421 3557 for a free initial telephone consultation.

Low Sex Drive Issues we will address

  • Sex Drive has decreased and you are no longer interested in sex
  • Fiancial or work stress and pressure
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexual anxiety and fear
  • Porn addiction
  • Sexual issues and sex avoidance sex
  • Experience depression, anxiety or stress
  • Boredom with partner
  • Disconnected from body and sexual energy

Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy for men and women

Low Sex Drive in Men

One in five men are affected by low sex drive at some point in their life. There are many factors which cause low libido in men – from stress at work, porn addiction, not prioritising their relationship (putting work and success first), emotional issues, low testosterone, stress, and a disconnect from masculine energy. Low sex drive in men was once rare – however with changes in our society and the added pressure placed upon men, stress and porn addiction, more and more men are contacting me for help.

Low Sex Drive in Women

As many a 43% of women have experienced a decrease in their sex drive. Returning to sexual drive is a journey to let go of what is holding her back, reconnect with her body, vagina, sexual energy and femininity. Many factors trigger a decrease in sexual desire from sexual hang-ups connected with culture/social/religious beliefs, fear of intimacy, prioritising children over partner, disconnection from body, decrease in hormones after childbirth, sexual abuse and relationship issues.

Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy produces effective and powerful results

Linda Connors created the Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy Programme to provide men and women with an effective and mind-body approach to naturally increase sex drive compared to other traditional hypnotherapy or sex therapies.

It’s highly effective because Linda goes beyond just talking and dives in deep to work with your unconscious mind, physical behavioural patterns and inner programming. The programme works with your belief system, mindset and how you think to develop new internal skills and resources to use your mind and body to their greatest potential
Working with Linda will have an immediate positive effect on your mindset, belief system, masculinity/femininity, sexual confidence, sex drive and libido. You will gain deep life-altering insights, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You will feel grounded, centred and calm and experience more confidence, calmness, freedom and emotionally resilience to move forward in your life, sex and your relationship.


At a glance: Increase sex drive hypnotherapy programme provided to you


  • The Increase Sex Drive and Libido Hypnotherapy Programme is a six weeks process and provides immediate and long-lasting change and is available in London Harley Street, Bath and online Skype.
  • You will work 1-2-1 with Europe’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist
  • You are in expert hands as Linda trained in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Transformative Coaching, Sex Therapy, Counselling and Psychotherapy, NLP, meditation, Mind-Body Approach and is combined with the latest research on neurological understanding, warmth, understanding, ancient and modern day philosophers and practical advice.
  • You will heal psychological root causes and work with your mind, body and heart and increase your sex drive
  • Linda is an expert in leading clients towards sexual change through healing and showing you how to embody the changes into your actions, behaviours, body, mindset and belief system for sexual confidence and enjoyment.
  • ​You can enter the programme if you are in a relationship, single or ready to start dating
  • You will learn specific techniques and proven steps to naturally increase your sex drive and libido
  • Between sessions you will have access to MP3 meditations and hypnosis recordings
  • Linda is available between sessions if you require additional support

How your sex life with improve and change

  • You will heal and resolve the psychological root causes and reconnect to your sexuality
  • ​You will feel grounded, calm and relaxed
  • You will be more connected to your mind, body and heart
  • ​You will be sexually confident and reconnect to your masculinity/femininity
  • If you are single, you will be excited about dating again with confidence
  • You will feel happier within yourself and your body
  • ​You will enjoy connections and intimacy with your partner
  • ​You will start to enjoy sex again with freedom and confidence
  • ​You will increase your sex drive and libido
  • ​Many of my clients also report back that other areas of their life improve – they feel more confident at work, become stronger leaders, able to manage stress, deal with conflicts, feel much relaxed  and their relationship grows positively.

Who I work with

The Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy Programme is suitable for men, women and couples:

  • Who are married or in relationships
  • Currently single
  • In a same-sex relationships.
  • From a range of different cultural and religious backgrounds

Linda works with highly success individuals, students, entrepreneurs, actors, interns etc. Some of my clients come through the programme after previously been in counselling, sex therapy or other forms of hypnotherapy with little or no success.
This programme is best suited to men and women who are motivated to change and are committed to improving their sex life and relationships.

Are you worried about Low Sex Drive?

If yes, please call Linda on 075 3421 3557 or complete the confidential enquiry form below to arrange a free telephone consultation.

​The Increase Sex Drive Hypnotherapy Programme is available in London Harley Street, Bath and online Skype

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