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Relationship Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme with Europe’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist in London Harley Street, Bath and Skype

Are you tired of dysfunctional relationship patterns, arguments, and disconnection? 

Relationship Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programmes for professional men, women and couples who want to improve their life, relationship, and learn how to give and receive love.

Linda Connors helps heal your deep emotional wounds, remove emotional barriers, fear and doubt and teaches you how to love deeply and openly so you can create the relationship you desire.

Welcome to the Relationship Hypnotherapy and Coaching Page


Linda Connors is Europe’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist and provides the Relationship Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme for Executives to improve their relationship.

People who work me create deep and changes in their relationships. Through the Relationship Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme you will learn how to heal old wounds (fear of abandonment, betrayal and shame), create a model of love which deepens the love in your relationship and learn how to communicate and listen to each other. It’s a powerful process which breaks down old behaviour patterns and develops new patterns to serve you and your relationship.

Appointments for Relationship Hypnotherapy are available in London Harley Street and Bath. Sessions are also available online through Skype which allows individuals and couples in the UK, America, Australia, Africa, Middle East and Europe to work with Linda. Call 0753 421 3557 to book your consultation.

Couples Retreats

Linda also runs dynamic couples therapy retreats with her partner John Donlon who is a leading couple counsellor and Relationship Coach in a beautiful small village in Somerset surrounded by amazing countryside in all seasons.

Relationship issues we will work through

  • Commitment issues
  • Constant arguments
  • Communication problems
  • Dissatisfactory sex life
  • Old wounds of abandonment, betrayal and shame
  • Relationship dysfunctional patterns
  • Work / life balance
  • Intimacy problems
  • Soul mates
  • Male and Female Differences
  • Dating Support and Advice
  • Moving on from Divorce
  • Dynamics change after starting a family
  • How to love yourself, your partner and how to be loved.

What causes relationship issues?

When people unite together in a relationship they also bring their own baggage of past relationship, fears, insecurities, and wounds. Often these come to the surface after the “honeymoon” period. They lose the ability to hear and listen to what the other person is saying, focus more on being right rather than working together to build the relationship they seek. Many people’s model of love is based upon condition, fear, judgement and insecurities and this has a real impact upon the dynamics of the relationships.
There is a field between right and wrong I will meet you there. Rumi

Relationship Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme

The relationship hypnotherapy and coaching programme is a journey of becoming more of who you truly are. To move out of the ego and drop down in the place of heart and love. Where you have the freedom to be more of who you are. To follow your dreams. To reach your potential. To support one another.

Through Hypnotherapy, Coaching and mindfulness and working with your mind, body and heart you will release the relationship patterns which hold you back. You will understand yourself, your relationship patterns, communication style and beliefs with clarity. You will discover how to step forward and be the person you want to be in your relationship. To meet each other with love, respect, and honestly. To create a life of purpose and passion together.

This is a truly unique service and it has the potential to transform your relationships – not just romantic relationships but all relationships.

Who the relationship programme is suitable for

The Relationship Programme is suitable for individuals and couples who are ready to take a step forward in their relationship. Many of Linda’s clients are successful, driven and want to bring the heart back in their relationship

Relationships Therapy on Skype

The Relationship Programme is also available online through Skype – so regardless where you live you can work with Linda and learn how to develop the relationship you deeply want.   Linda has extensive experience working with online relationship therapy with people in the UK, Middle East, America, Australia, America (USA), Channel Islands, Europe, Scotland and Ireland.

Contact Linda

If you are ready to discover the path to love and relationships you are invited to call me on 075 3421 3557 or complete the enquiry form below.

Relationship hypnotherapy appointments are available in London Harley Street, Bath or via Skype.


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