Reduce Sexual Anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy for Executives

Is Sexual Performance Anxiety impacting your performance and confidence? The Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy Programme can help feel calmer and confidence in the bedroom.

Retrain your mind, body and gain natural confidence with the UK’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist for Executives.

The Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy teaches you how to enjoy sex free from anxiety.

I am a professional Hypnotherapist and Coach, with over 12 years experience. Confidential and discreet appointments are available in London Harley Street and Online. You are invited to call 075 3421 3557 or click the button below.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy  removes the barriers holding you back

  1. Over thinking about your performance
  2. Putting too much pressure to “have the best sex”
  3. Worrying you can’t please your partner
  4. Sexual problems caused by anxiety (PE or ED)
  5. Sexual performance anxiety 
  6. Fear of failure
  7. Sex avoidance
  8. Loss of confidence

If this sounds familiar I can help.

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Sex Hypnotherapist

Linda Connors

I am one of the few Hypnotherapist specialising in sexual problems and sexual performance anxiety. Since 2007 I have helped hundreds of sexually stressed out and frustrated executives end sexual performance anxiety. As result of working with me they are now feel much more confident and in control

You may be visiting this page because you are feeling frustrated, ashamed, emasculated. You may even be worried your partner will leave you.  Know that you have come to the right place because I have helped hundreds of men in similar situations to you. 

As a result of men finishing the programme they can now enjoy sex free from anxiety.

The Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy Programme is a proven treatment plan. It works because it solves the six stages of sex anxiety. You will learn how to turn your stressful sexual experiences into better sex which becomes more enjoyable and fulfilling for you and your partner.

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There is a way to stop feeling anxious about sex

Perhaps you have been feeling sexually anxious for a long time or maybe it recently start with a new partner. Sex anxiety may also manifest into premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Anxiety Sexual anxiety can take over your mind, body and emotions but there is a way forward to stop feeling sexually anxious and worrying about your performance.

​Through my 12 years experience and working with hundreds of men I am the creator of the End Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy Programme and 5 Step System sexual confidence. This programme and system provides you with solutions to improve your sex life and stop feeling anxious so you can enjoy sex with calmness and confidence.

Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Be confident in bed by solving the six stages of sex anxiety

How does  it work?

Six stages of sexual performance anxiety:

  1. Overthinking, thoughts, mindset and beliefs
  2. Sexual Performance Anxiety relating to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation
  3. Hyper focus on penis
  4. Putting too much pressure on yourself to have “perfect” sex
  5. Trying too hard to please your partner
  6. Loss of sexual confidence

Sexual  Confidence

The End Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy Programme and 5 step system to sexual confidence offers a unique approach to sexual confidence and inner calmness.  It is is more powerful and effective than traditional sex therapy because it uses a multi-dimensional approach. Linda combines hypnosis, NLP, meditation, Body RePatterning (created by Linda), mind-body therapy and confidence coaching. As a result you will be empowered to learn new tools and skills to develop control, calmness and confidence to reconnect with your masculinity to and experience the sex life you want – free from sexual anxiety.

During the this programme you will notice an immediate positive effect on your mindset, belief system, masculinity and sexual confidence. You will gain deep life-altering insights, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. You will feel grounded, centred and calm and experience more confidence, calmness, freedom and emotionally resilience to move forward in your life.

The Sexual Anxiety Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme is a journey into resolving sexual anxiety and supporting you to step into sexual confidence and calmness.

The Process

The Sexual Performance Anxiety Hypnotherapy Programme is a proven step by step system. You will be work through the six stages of sexual anxiety issues. This helps to retrain your mind, body and penis.

Your Goals

You will start by setting the goals and outcomes you desire. This provides a structure to our work. Linda will share her setting goals for success formula for your maximum success.

The Method

As a highly experienced practitioner, Linda combines Sex-Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Meditations. She also works with Success Intelligence, Body RePattering, Enneagram and Mindset training.

Fear of Failure

You will learn how to address the fear of failure and sexual performance anxiety. As a result, learn how to respond rather than react. As well as developing your sexual confidence, calmness and presence.

Fixed Mindset

This programme will alter your thinking pattern and fixed mindset (e.g. it’s going to happen again or I am going to fail). This is essential as your thoughts have a direct impact on sexual performance.


Your mind and body has been trained to be anxious. Linda’s method will retrain your mind, body and penis into sexual calmness and confidence naturally. As a result you will gain a natural confidence and enjoy better sex.


You are putting too much pressure on yourself to perform and please your partner. This pressure turns into anxiety. Linda will you how to refocus on connection rather than trying to please.


I support you through every step of the process, as well as between sessions. You will have access to my library of hypnosis recording, specialist meditations and audio programmes.

Confidence Mastery

The sex anxiety hypnotherapy programme is designed to help you stop the performance anxiety and master confidence. It’s a step by step process that works with with your mind, body, penis and heart.

What is possible for you

Stop over thinking

Gain sexual confidence

Overcome sexual problems

End performance anxiety

Stop worrying

Gain Sexual Confidence

be mentally, physically and emotionally calmer

Learn how to connect rather than trying too hard to please

Have better sex

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