Orgasm Hypnotherapy

Ready to learn how to orgasm?

The 1-2-1 Orgasm Hypnotherapy programme is designed for professional women who struggle to have orgasms (Anorgasmia). 

Hypnotherapy can help you to orgasm because it works with your unconscious mind to remove the blocks and conditioned response, reconnect to your vagina and  teaches you the steps for your orgasm journey.

Orgasm Hypnotherapy can help you to orgasm

Orgasm Hypnotherapy teaches you the specific steps you need to take so you can learn how to orgasm either through self pleasure or with a partner.

Do feel you frustrated because you are can’t orgasm no matter how hard you try. If so, keep reading how Linda can help.

Orgasm Hypnotherapy helps to remove the barriers holding you back

Orgasm and Anorgasmia Hypnotherapist Linda Connors

Sex Hypnotherapist

Linda Connors

I am one of the few Hypnotherapist specialising in female sexual problems and Anorgasmia.  Since 2007 I have taught hundreds of women how to enjoy sexual pleasure and orgasms.

Through a unique and proven process, called Orgasm Hypnotherapy Programme, you will learn the necessary 5 steps to orgasm either through self pleasure or with a partner.

This Programme focuses on your mind, body, vagina and heart. It helps to turn around fear of letting go into sexual pleasure and orgasms.

The Orgasm Hypnotherapy Programme is available in London Harley Street, Bath and online through Skype. Call me on 075 3421 3557 to book your appointment. Alternatively, click on the button below and send a private message.

Struggling to Orgasm? Orgasm Hypnotherapy can help you

Orgasm Hypnotherapy teaches you the specific steps you need to take so you, your body and vagina can learn how to have orgasm and enjoy sexual pleasure. 

So if you are worried you can’t have orgasm, and frustrated you are missing out, continue to read below on how the Linda’s can help you.

There are many different types and levels of orgasms and no right or wrong way to orgasm. We will work together to find what works for you.

Sexual Liberation

It’s time to reclaim our body and vagina to discover your sexual self

Orgasm Hypnotherapy

How to orgasm by solving the six stages of Anorgasmia

How does it work?

Six Stages of Anorgasmia :

  1. Overthinking, thoughts, mindset and beliefs
  2. You and/or your Partner try too hard to make you orgasm and creates too much stimulation.
  3. Orgasm baseline set too low.  Your body and vagina has been conditioned/trained not to orgasm.
  4. Afraid to lose control and let go physically, mentally and emotionally. 
  5. Relationship with your vagina (not knowing what turns you on)
  6.  Lack of sexual self esteem

Pleasurable  Sex

You may be wondering if you will ever be able to orgasm? It is, because I wasn’t’ able to orgasm until my late twenties and know I teach women how to orgasm.

The Orgasm Hypnotherapy Programme is more than just learning “how to orgasm”. It’s a process of learning who you are as a woman, building a loving and caring relationship with your vagina,. You will retrain your mind, body, heart and vagina so you can enjoy sexual pleasure and orgasms.

As you take the steps you will notice a positive impact on your mindset, belief system, femininity, sexual confidence and your ability to orgasm. This is a programme where you will dive deep, address your fears, reconnect to your sexual energy and release the sexual orgasmic self which has been hiding for so long.


The Process

The Orgasm Hypnotherapy Programme is a proven step by step system. You will be work through the six stages of Anorgasmia. This helps to retrain your mind, body and vagina.

Sacred Yes

Linda doesn’t work with traditional goal setting because she uses a formula called “Sacred Yes”. You will discover what your yes is. For example, yes to building a better relationships with my vagina. A Sacred no to holding on to control.

The Method

As a highly experienced practitioner, Linda combines Sex-Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Meditations. She also works with Success Intelligence, Body RePattering, Enneagram and Mindset training.

Wild Feminine

In our modern day life women have forgotten the gift of the wild feminine. Who they are before the shame, fears and self doubt set in. Linda will help you to reconnect to your wild feminine.

Vagina Relationship

Many women view their vagina as disgusting and ugly. When you learn to love your vagina (with linda’s love your vagina 7 day programme) you will notice a dramatic change in your life

Sexual Shame

Part of this journey is to work through any sexual shame you may have. Sexual shame for being a woman, having a vagina and enjoy sex. This shame originates from society, family and history.

Vagina and Clitoris

You will begin to get to know your vagina and clitoris intimately. Fall back in love with your body. Having an orgasm is not just about the pleasure because it is aligned with your femininity, expression and confidence.

Orgasm Baseline

Your orgasm baseline is limited and plateau phase too extended. You will learn how to increase your baseline and decrease your plateau phase. 

Sexually Empowered

Sexually empowerment is about learning to love yourself, your vagina and your sexual expression. It’s about embracing your vulnerability and your wild feminine. I will help you.

your wild feminine
your orgasm ability
Your shame and fear

What's possible for you

Stop overthinking

Reconnect to your sexual feminine self

Change relationship with fear

Sexually confident

Retain Vagina, mind and body

Orgasm with ease

Healthy relationship with body and vagina

Learn to let go

Sexually Empowered

Hypnotherapy for vaginismus and painful sex

Who is the Orgasm Hypnotherapy Programme suitable for?

This programme is suitable for women who have tried other hypnotherapist, doctors or sex therapists with little or no results.

I have extensive experience working with women from a range of different cultural and religious backgrounds (from Christians, Jewish, Muslims and Hindu). In fact, many women travel from the Dubai to work with me in London.

Some women are single and others are in a committed relationships. I work with women who have never had an orgasm, can only orgasm through their own self pleasure or not able to orgasm with their current partner. 

Orgasm Hypnotherapy Appointments

If you are feeling frustrated about orgasm and and the lasting impact it is having on your life and sex life contact Linda today.

Call 075 3421 3557 or complete the form below to arrange to speak to Linda and book your appointment. 

Appointments are available in London Harley Street or Online.

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