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Sex Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems

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Sex Hypnotherapist Linda Connors provides expert programmes to help you solve your sexual problems. Regardless of how long you have suffered from them.  It’s a step by step approach which works with your mind, body and heart. There are different programmes for men and women because they are very different problems.

“Sex Hypnotherapy is a powerful process to solve sexual problems and teach you to have better sex.  Dedicated programmes for men and women goes beyond traditional hypnosis. Linda she combines sex hypnosis, confidence coaching, Success Intelligence,  Love Centred Coaching, Meditations, body repatterning. But what does this for you? You will discover how to have resolve the sexual problem and enjoy better sex with a trained sex hypnotherapist and also see other areas of your life change.”

Men's Sexual Problems

The last long in bed programme can help with Premature ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Performance Anxiety and Delay Ejaculation

Women's Sexual Problems

The Sexual Empowerment Programme can help with: Vaginismus, Anorgasmia and Orgasm Dysfunction and Low Sex Drive

Relationships, Love and Intimacy

The Relationship and Love Programme can help with: Fear of Intimacy , Love and Relationships

What is Sex Hypnotherapy?

While most hypnotherapist focus on many areas from stop smoking, phobias, IBS, insomnia, and so on.  Linda is different because she only works with sexual problems and issues associated with it such as anxiety and confidence. Working with sexual problems is complex and most are not adequately  trained to work sexual problems. 

Sex Hypnotherapy works on a multi-dimensional level. It’s a new treatment for sexual issues because it is a powerful path to overcoming sexual problems. This means we work with your unconcious mind, the conditoning in the body (e.g. penis trained to ejaculate too soon or vagina closes when penetration is attempted), your mind, body and heart. 

Linda works with sex hypnotherapy as well as confidence coaching, growth mindset, enneagramme, love centred coaching, success intelligence, and meditations. She has also developed a powerful process called Body Repatterning which retains the body so it learns a new set of behaviours.  

Men's Sex Hypnotherapy Programme

Men’s sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or sexual performance anxiety cuts short your sexual performance and enjoyment. This can lead you to feel frustrated, anxious, stressed and emasculated. 

The Sex Hypnotherapy five step Programme can help you:

Women's Sex Hypnotherapy Programme

Women’s sexual problems such as Vaginismus, orgasm issues, or low sex drive can cause you to feel frustrated, disconnected and feel you are missing out. Also, some women become fearful and very anxious about sex.

The five step system for women’s sexual empowerment can help you to:

When anxiety and fear get in the way of sex

Having a healthy, passionate and enjoyable sex life is an essential part of relationships and adult life. However,  there are many blocks which often get in the way of a great sex life. Such as anxiety, over thinking, previous sexual experience, child hood trauma, relationship issues or specific sexual issues. These blocks impact men and women differently and they manifest in different sexual issues.

For men, sexual performance anxiety and fear of failure often results in finishing before they are ready.

For Women, sexual anxiety, fears and unable to let go results in the body closing down and as a result sex isn’t possible. As well as not able to let go so not able to achieve an orgasm.

The Sex Hypnotherapy Programmes addresses and resolves fears and anxieties. This enable you to focus on having an enjoying better sex. 

How Sex Hypnotherapy can help with sexual problems

Hypnotherapy is used to work through the unconscious underlying cause of your sexual issues. This helps to understand what is causing it and what steps are need to overcome them. Hypnosis helps with changing beliefs which are holding you back, address sexual anxiety, develop confidence and retrain the mind and body to help you have a more enjoyable sex life.  Sex Hypnotherapy works for both male and female sexual problems. 

The Sex Hypnotherapy programme is a mixture of education, working with the masculine/feminine, your sexual identity, explore what is holding you sexually back. As well as empowering you to become more of who you sexually are. What it means to be a man sexually. What it means to be a women sexually. To let go of shame, fears and judgements associated with your body and sexu

As you reconnect with your sexual self and take the necessary steps you start to to feel more confident, calm, emotionally stronger and much more connected to your body.

Book your Sex Hypnotherapy Session

The Sex hypnotherapy programmes are suitable for men and women who are either in a relationship or single. Linda also works working with couples,  including same sex relationships. Linda’s clients are based in the UK, America, Australia, Europe and Asia. They are often high achievers, successful and are ready to transform their sex life.  Appointments are available in London Harley Street, Bath in Somerset or online Skype. 

To speak to Linda or book your session please call 0753 421 3557 or click on the button below to send Linda private message. 

For Europe or International Clients please call +44 753 3421 3557 or click below below to arrange a Skype conversation to discuss further.

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