Harley Street Hypnotherapy and Coaching in W1G 9QD

Linda Connors is an expert in transformational, long-lasting, natural and powerful change
“My mission is to help all of my clients to go on to succeed and thrive in their personal and professional life. I am a big believer in not just “resolving” issues but also in building resources, teaching skills and tapping into your innate wisdom. This provides you a strong foundation for achievement and success.” – Linda Connors

You may be overcome with anxiety over sexual performance. Perhaps you have an addiction you suspect is getting out of control. Feel you are being held back at work. Feel stressed and overwhelmed by life. Are you fighting crippling insecurities? Or just feel lost?

I help people change aspects of life they feel are holding them back. My approach to transformational change is holistic – taking into consideration the mind, body, emotions and environment – for both short term progress and long term results.

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with Linda Connors in Harley Street is a step by step and structured approach to help you to gain the freedom to be who you are.  The result being feeling more confident, physically and mentally calmer, change thinking patterns and to experience more happiness and success in your life.

Through our time together you will learn the relationship between mind and body, resolve any underlying issues and develop and enhance the wealth of assets and inner resources within you to build a calmer, centred, stronger and more confident so you are better equipped to experience your life .

You begin to take practical steps on every level; emotionally, psychologically, personally, socially and professionally.

You can expect to achieve:

  • Overcome blocks, issues, and problems.
  • Improve relationships.
  • Feel more connected with yourself, with your friends, family and partners.
  • Develop your inner resources.
  • Learn to trust your feelings, open your heart and connect with your inner resources and innate wisdom.
  • Feel empowered and inspired in your life.
  • Experience your mind, body and spirit at your deepest potential.
  • Take the necessary steps to experience amazing results you want out of life


Appointment with Linda are available in:

1-7 Harley Street

Harley Street Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Appointments

The first step to book an appointment for Hypnotherapy in Harley Street is to either call me or complete the form below. I am happy to have a chat with you about your situation and what you wish to achieve so feel free to ask me any questions.

Please call 075 3421 3557 or complete the form below.

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