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Discover how the powerful coaching programmes with Linda Connors can transform your life.

London Life Coach Linda Connors can help you to excel in your life. Appointments in Harley Street.

Life Coach Linda Connors supports people to be empowered to step outside of their comfort and thrive in their life.  I work with people who want more than just a mediocre life. They are generally high achievers and want an extraordinary life with more joy, happiness, and success.

Our society is becoming so fast paced it’s easy to lose sight of what is important in your life, your hope and dreams. That’s why many people choose to work with me as I help to align their purpose, values, ambitions and goals into their personal and professional life.

The people I work with want an extraordinary life, relationships, business and success. They are in different stages in their life: from those who are starting out on their next adventure, want more than just a mediocre life. business set up, or life change to others who are professionally successful yet want to be more authentic and experience a greater balance, calmness and happiness into their life.

How Coaching can support you in your life

I provide a space to have an open and honest conversation which is completely focussed on you and what you want to achieve. I draw out of you what you need to make your life, business and relationships a success.

Each coaching programme is a personalised journey and here are some ideas of what you can achieve:

  • Connect with your heart on a deeper level
  • Be grounded in your confidence and successes
  • Create extraordinary relationships
  • Feel more whole and centred to experience a greater sense of calmness, balance and harmony
  • Develop a healthier attitude towards money and financial success
  • Create more love, joy, confidence and success,
  • Experience more self love, care and nurture
  • Create an extraordinary life

To discover more about my coaching work please visit:  Transformational Coaching

A message from Linda

I have experienced amazing successes in my life. I also know what is like to fall down and fail. These experiences have taught me to see the light in all experiences and challenges. To pick myself up with dignity and grace and more forward to experience even greater joy, happiness and success.

Regardless of your past, or present situation I believe each person has the ability in them to thrive in their life and experience more joy, happiness and success.

Appointments for Life Confidence Coaching

If you are ready to light the fire of your heart and experience more joy, love, happiness and success in all aspects of your life I would love to speak with you to discuss the possibility of us working together. 

All my clients are unique and have different needs so no two programmes are the same. I generally work with three, six or 12 months programmes.

The first step is to contact me on 075 3421 3557 or via the contact form below. We will schedule some time together to connect, have a great conversation and discuss the possibility of us working together.

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