Case Study with Linda connors Premature Ejaculation Hypnotherapy ​from lasting only 1 minute to over ten minutes

Tim – Senior executive suffering from premature ejaculation

Tim was a successful and confident senior executive at a large bank and leading a large team. He contacted me as he suffered from Premature Ejaculation since he was sexually active at the age of 17. Now married premature ejaculation, sexual anxiety and lack of sexual confidence were impacting his sex life and relationships with his wife. He carried a deep shame, felt that he wasn’t a man and his wife would eventually leave him as he couldn’t sexually please her. Sex became the elephant in the room. Tim’s wife wanted intimacy and love yet he was too afraid to instigate sex as he didn’t want to experience the same outcome once again of ejaculating too soon which would leave them both feeling frustrated and annoyed. His focus and attention were on the outcome he didn’t want – rather than how he wanted to experience sex. He over analysed each thought, feeling, and arousal in his body. Even though he loved his wife he couldn’t face disappointing her again and feeling even more emasculated. His desired goals and outcomes working with me were:
  • To be sexually confident
  • Please his wife
  • To be less anxious
  • Last longer in bed
Through the programme, Tim began to see the correlation between what he thought and how his body responded. We addressed Tim’s thoughts (I am going to ejaculate too soon), mindset (Failure mindset) and beliefs (I can’t sexually perform) and we changed them, so they were in alignment to how he wanted to experience sex. Tim learned how to stop responding to his thoughts with high anxiety, created a growth and confident mindset and refocused his belief on the outcome he wanted. Through hypnotherapy, Tim learned how and when the Premature ejaculation started and more importantly how to resolve it by building a bridge between the parts of him that wanted to have a healthy, happy and fun sex life with the parts of him that felt anxious and stressed about sex. Tim began to understand how his thoughts were impacting his body, penis, and sensitivity and as a result, he started to focus on his wife and outcome rather than the past experiences and anxiety. Although Tim was highly competent and very successful at work in the bedroom, he still responded and acted like the 17-year young man in his first sexual experience. It was essential we gathered Tim’s resilience, strengths, and skills in other areas of his life and aligned it with his sexual identity – from confidence, self-belief, masculinity, focus, and presence. As a result, he felt more embodied, integrated and whole. Tim began to notice that his sex drive started to increase and he began to initiate sex once again. His focus was more in the moment, on his wife and the connection between the two rather than his thoughts and what was happening in his penis. As a result, he was able to last a few minutes longer. The longer a man experiences Premature ejaculation, the more the behaviour pattern becomes established and conditioned in the body – and ejaculating too early becomes the natural and “normal” response.  So it is vital to break down the behaviour pattern and create a physical response of ejaculation control and reduced arousal/sensitivity which Tim began to embody through varies exercises and hypnotic work which changed the established behaviours in the mind, body, and penis. He strengthened his mind and body connection so that it worked with him rather than against him. As a result, he is now able to last over ten minutes, and his focus is on pleasure, fun, and connection with his wife. ​By the time we finished working together, Tim’s life had changed dramatically. He achieved his goal and desired outcome, his relationship and sex life with his wife change significantly, and he was able to last longer in bed to fully satisfy his wife and himself.  Tim also noticed that his work performance improved, he was able to manage conflicts at work, felt more confident and masculine, became a better leader and no longer felt ashamed and embarrassed when people talked about sex. **This is a combination of different experiences to protect my clients identity
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