Working with sexual problems

Working with sexual problems is an intimate part of human life. As a sexual problems hypnotherapist and coach my clients open the door to their intimate thoughts, fears and sex life.  

Working with sexual problems is very different to working with stop smoking, blushing, or addictions because we are dealing with one of the most sacred parts of being human.  

I’ve had many clients who have come to me because they seen someone who wasn’t trained or experienced to work with sexual problems. The hypnotherapist treated them the same as they treated blushing or phobias. 

Even more worrying I also had some people contact me because the hypnotherapist they went to see was trained in a way that believed that sexual problems were caused by sexual abuse. So the hypnotherapist went digging around the client’s unconscious mind searching for these repressed memories. 

So if you are going to work with a hypnotherapist for sexual problems ensure they are trained to work with sexual issues.

A message to hypnotherapist – if you want to work with sexual problems get trained. Read books and do research. it is really a rewarding career.



What's the deal with suggestion hypnosis?

There are many different types and depths to hypnosis. Today I want to focus on suggestion hypnosis.

Suggestion hypnosis is when the hypnotherapist tries to repogramme your unconcious mind with positive suggestions.

A few examples:

you will last longer in bed
You will be calmer during sex
You will have harder erections.

There is nothing wrong with these suggestions – however suggestion hypnosis is often the last part of the work. It is limiting because it doesn’t deal with the many factors and complex underlying issues of sexual problems. 

I do use suggestion hypnosis however it is often near the end of the programme

Why it's important for hypnotherapists to also do their own own sexual healing

When you are searching for a hypnotherapist for sexual problems do not be afraid to ask if they have also done their own inner work around sex. Everyone has their own sexual hang ups. It’s only natural. however if these hang ups are buried the Hypnotherapist may unconsciously hold you back (as they are held back).

If the hypnotherapist hasn’t been fully trained and/or have not done their own inner work it will be very difficult for them to hold the space for you and support you towards the goals you wish.

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