How your inner dialogue and stories hold you back in your relationship, sex life and work

Are you aware of the inner dialogue, thoughts and stories you carry around in your mind? Are you aware of how these limit your life and restrict you from being you?

Many of us tend to carry stories around with us on who we think we are; these stories may be made up of self-beliefs, experiences or relationships with others.  They may be created from our younger years from siblings, parents and teachers.

In these stories we create a character in which our decisions, purpose, vision and mental and emotional state all represent.  This character, which is really ourselves, also likes to create labels. I am unlovable, an addict, depressed, anxious hopeful or a failure. The list can go on and on, but I am sure you get the picture.

People act our their stories and labels. So the sexually anxious person stops performing in bed. The person who blushes constantly blushes. The person who fears intimacy blocks love and connection.  The person who feels they are unlovable date people who will fulfil this self-fulfilling prophecy

The stories and labels you carry around do not define you. It may feel that these stories are part of who you are and your identity – but they are not.

You are not anxious – you are experiencing anxiety now.
You are not unlovable – you only think you are unlovable.
You are not a failure – you are learning and finding a new way forward.

All through my childhood and right up to my early thirties I carried many stories around in my head that I am not worthy, not lovable and I aligned my identity with anxiety and depression.

Every action, thought, movement and decision I made were from the story I carried around in my mind. I can’t apply for that job as I won’t be good enough. I can’t go to my friend’s birthday celebration as I will be too anxious. I can’t go on a date as I am unlovable.

These stories and labels placed restrictions on my choices and limited my life. Just over ten years ago I decided to rewrite my stories, labels and thoughts. I broke free from the self-made chains of my mind, body and heart and that enabled me to move forward in a new way – with self-love, self-esteem, confidence and courage.

Your stories

Whatever stories you are carrying around – from anxious, painful, or low self-esteem  – remember they are not you. Notice how they hold you back and block your life.

Begin to see these stories for what they truly are – they can be a door opening to allow you to live a new way, giving you the courage to release the stories and write a new story which will set your free.
​Are you ready?

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