What causes Vaginismus

Women who suffer from vaginismus often feel isolated, embarrassed and ashamed because they can’t have sex.  They often suffer in silence and try to avoid any sexual activity just in case it leads to sex. Some women even refuse to start a new relationship because they are not able to have sex.

Even though vaginismus is openly discussed it is actually a common sexual issue and professional vaginismus treatment is available. With the right support you learn how to have sex, and enjoy it, with your partner.

What is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is an involuntary condition that causes the contraction of muscles around the opening of the vagina. This causes the muscles around the vagina to become tight and as result makes sexual intercourse or sexual activity painful impossible. 

Many of my female clients share their their vagina becomes tight, closes, and puts a wall up to block penetration. Despite loving their partners they are not able to have penetrative sex and feel very confused and frustrated about it. 

What causes Vaginismus - 11 factors

  1. Thoughts and mind-body connection. Your thoughts have a direct link to your body and vagina. If you believe you can’t have sex, your body will respond to this.
  2. Psychosomatic vagina wall/barrier.  You feel like there is a barrier or wall in your vagina when you try to have sex or insert something.
  3. Conservative/religious/strict family upbringing. Your children and upbringing has influenced your beliefs about sex.
  4. Sexual identity . You feel sexually repressed and are unsure how to express yourself sexually.
  5. Fear of sex and pain. You fear sex and feel anxious it will be painful.
  6. Emotional state. You feel anxious, low sexual confident or embarrassed about having sex.
  7. Communication.  You find it difficult to speak to our partner about how you feel and discuss openly what is happening within you.
  8. Physical tension in body and vagina. You have tension in your body, pelvic area and vagina during sex which stops penetration.
  9. Previous experience/trauma. You previously experienced a difficult past relationship or trauma. 
  10. Virgin / little or no sexual experience. You are a virgin, or with little or no sexual experience and lack confidence.
  11. Vaginismus and the Mind-Body Connection. The final cause of vaginismus is the mind and body connection. The longer you have vaginismus the more it becomes an embodied behaviour pattern and a learnt response.

Linda Connors is UK’s Leading Sex hypnotherapist and helps women from around the world overcome Vaginismus and learn how to have sex with ease and comfort. 

If you would like to discover how to have sex with ease and comfort call Linda on +44 (0) 753 421 3557. 

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