Ejaculating too early for men has a detrimental impact on so many areas of their life and relationships.  It truly can cause high level of sexual anxiety and sexual frustration for some men.  

Yet many men experience many years of unsatisfactory sex hoping the issue will go away by itself. For many it won’t.

Because premature ejaculation is caused by many factors, and these of course vary from men to men. From early conditioned, porn induced premature ejaculation, anxiety, mindset and thoughts.

How to last longer in bed 

In this short video I share the 4 pillars of success to last longer in bed.

1st Pillar of success: Created a powerful mindset, beliefs and thoughts.

2nd Pillar of success:  Feel calmer (Reducing anxiety and fear)

3rd Pillar of success:  Create sexual confidence 

4th Pillar of success:  Retrain your body, penis. 

So many men struggle unnecessarily for years with premature ejaculation. Help is available so help you take control back to last longer in bed.


About Linda

Linda is the UK’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist and helps men recover from sexual dysfunction ) so they can last longer in bed and enjoy better sex!

Appointments in London Harley Street, and also works internationally online (via Skype and zoom).

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