The Unlived Sex Life

There is part that is many people that is waiting to be discovered, but there many beliefs, walls, blocks, judgements, stories, sexual issues, fear of intimacy, relationship issues, conditioning which is blocking its passage.  So it remains unlived, hidden, repressed and unexpressed.

The unlived sex life

Who you are sexually naturally has an influence on the rest of your life.  If you show up to the experience of sex with fears, insecurities, feeling inadequate, numb, anxious, worried or repressed – this energy will naturally flow to other areas of your life – as you are carrying it around. It may even begin to form part of your identity.

When the people I work start to tap into the unlived sex life from within and begin to experience sex on a totally new level they notice things begin to change. As they feel more whole and connected to themselves they feel calmer at work. More confident with talking to others.  Have more clarity, understanding and openness. It’s as through the repressed aspect has been released and they no longer have anything to hide – to themselves or others. That’s true freedom.

Express your sexual side

To fully express who you are sexually to yourself and your partner can take great courage for some, especially when if you are carry the baggage of past relationships, religious dogma, society, cultural beliefs, family dynamics and stories of how you should behave based upon if you are male or female.

To take they journey of full sexual expression is a journey of the mind, body and heart.  It’s a journey of letting go, learning and retraining your mind, heart and body.

To fully be comfortable with who you are sexually in a gift to yourself and allows you to experience full inner freedom.

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