The importance of loving yourself

The importance of self love and how hypnotherapy can help you to develop self love

From an early age most of us are taught that to put ourselves first is selfish and narcissistic.  

Loving yourself is the core of happiness, joy and life satisfaction. Loving yourself involves being compassionate and kindness to yourself.
Your relationship with yourself is one of the most important relationship you will have with anyone.

Impact of not loving yourself

Just imagine this:  At work there is a particular person you have to see each day but you dislike that person, how does that impact your day? How do you feel about going into work and seeing that person each day?  Can you imagine waking up with that person each day, everywhere you go they are there and part of your life?

Well if you do not love yourself – you are already walking around with someone you do not like. 

If you dislike yourself that will naturally have a huge impact on your day to day life – in terms of your experience of life, your relationship with others and even down to the job you do. 

When you do not love yourself you may find your life full of indecisions, negativity, inner conflicts and self doubt which may even lead into self-hatred. 

Your inner thoughts and beliefs will begin to reflect in your outer world and how your experience your life.

Importance of loving yourself

If you are unable to love yourself how can your truly love someone else, or let them love you?

When you develop a positive, loving and compassionate relationship with yourself you will find that your experience on this wonderful earth is full of happiness and joy.

You will also discover that it’s okay not to prefect that in fact you are perfectly flawed or as some say perfectly imperfect!

Loving yourself allows you to be who you are deep down, and this helps you to connect with other people on a deeper level. 

When you begin to focus and invest time and energy into creating a loving relationship with yourself things become much clearer, relationships become deeper and stronger, and you experience much more happiness, confidence, joy and inner strength. 

About Linda

As a London Hypnotherapist and personal life coach I help people to discover their own unique relationships with themselves, to transform critical thinking into positive thoughts, to transform self hatred into self love and to help them to reach their true potential in mind, body and spirit. 

If you would like to find out more please call me on 075 3421 3557.

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