Sex is truly a beautiful part of life and relationships. When a couple comes together in a sexual way it deepens and enriches their relationship to a whole new level. As a Sex Hypnotherapist and Coach, I have worked with many women who are not able to orgasm through either self-pleasure, oral sex and intercourse.

Perhaps you are reading this article because you experience orgasm issues and may feel frustrated, ashamed, or angry at yourself. You love your partner, enjoy sex, are committed to the relationship and have a wonderful relationship together.The one thing holding you back is not being able to reach an orgasm.

Although it may feel like you are the only woman who is not able reach an orgasm it is actually quite common. Many women do find it difficult to climax and orgasm during sex, foreplay or during self-pleasure.

There may be many reasons why you may find it difficult to let go, and reach an orgasm and here’s some reasons:


To be able to open your heart, mind and body during sex and share a beautiful moment when you orgasm with your partner can put some women in a very vulnerability position so you disconnects from your body on a physical, sexual and emotional.

Sexual Confidence

You do not have the sexual confidence to let go fully on an emotional, physical and mental level with your partner to reach an orgasm.  You may find it difficult to ask what you want sexually.


Trauma either in childhood or adult life can impacts the way a women feels about herself, trust in men, and the relationship with her body. She may experience a disconnect her body, feel anxious about becoming closer or being able to fully trust her partner.


Many people, especially women think sex is bad, wrong and dirty. These attitudes and beliefs are often formed in the early years either through family, schooling, religion or media. The enjoyment of sex is replaced by a feeling of guilt or being ashamed for enjoying sex.

Body relationship

Some women do not have a healthy relationship with their body and feel unattractive, overweight or unsexy. Perhaps you haven’t explore your body by yourself so do not know what is a turns on. This may cause a disconnect from the body – so you focus on thoughts rather than your body, pleasures or partner.

Thinking how do I look, what does he think of me, are we moving good together, will I reach an orgasm this time or am I taking too long?

Lack of understanding

Some women actually do reach climax and orgasm however they simply do not know this due to lack of education growing up, or expectations from their partners or even what they see in the movies.

Repressing sexual feelings

Repression can be caused by many different reasons – such as childhood, trauma, self-beliefs or feeling sexually unconfident. The sexual repression naturally causes a disconnect from the body’s pleasure and enjoyment of sex.

The Masculine and feminine

Sex and orgasms can be a complicated issue for some women. In this age of advancement and the busy-ness of life who we are as women is evolving and from this there is a at times a power struggle between the masculine and feminine part of our psyches. Women want to be independent and connecting with the masculine energy certainly allows women to reach their goals in life. However it’s also important to connect with the feminine energy, to nurture and allow it to also flourish.


It just doesn’t stop there. There are many array of reasons why a women can not reach orgasm such as focussing too much on trying to orgasm, problems in the relationship, medical reasons, lack of stimulation, bored of sex, partner doesn’t stimulate her enough or emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, or stress.

What next

If you are seeking help to experience orgasms either through self-pleasure or with your partner I can help. I provide orgasm hypnotherapy and coaching. During our work together I help you to resolve any underlying issues, create a healthy body relationship, and align your heart, body and spirit to reach your full sexual potential.

Please feel free to get in touch, you can contact me on 075 3421 3557. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Linda Connors


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