Six steps to overcome Vaginismus

If you are looking for a Vaginismus Treatment I can help.

The Vaginismus treatment programme is a six weeks journey which works the whole aspect of you – your mind, thoughts, body, heart and sexual identity.

Releasing and Healing

You will be guided to heal any emotional or physical trauma. As you begin to heal you will release what is emotionally and physically holding you back and resolve any underlying issues relating to Vaginismus.

Healthy relationship with body 

Develop a healthier relationship and learn to love your body and vagina area. As you begin to appreciate your sexual body you feel much more comfortable and happier within yourself.

Thoughts and self beliefs 

Transform thinking patterns and self-beliefs relating to yourself, your body and sex. Develop new life enhancing self beliefs and begin to embody these to enhance the way you feel about your self, body and sex.

Mind and Body Connection 

Balance your mind and body by learning breathing and relaxing exercise to help your muscles in your body and vaginal area to experience deep relaxation and calmness for pain free penetration.

Sexual awakening 

From a place of self love, acceptance, and knowledge you will begin to sexually awaken and experience yourself and sex on a whole new wonderful level.

Happy and enjoyable sex life 

As you put the insights, exercises and knowledge into practice you will notice your body changing as you let go of the past experiences and overcome Vaginismus to feel sexually confident, open and relaxed in your mind and body.

To find out more please contact me by phoning +44 (0) 75 3421 3557.


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