The six stages of ED

When working with erection problems it’s essential to understand the six stages of erectile dysfunction and how to treat each stage. By working through, and treating each stage ensures your erection success. 

In this article I explain the six stages of erectile dysfunction and how it impacts your sexual cycle.  

The Erectile Dysfunction Sexual Cycle

When I am working with men, I often explain to them about their sexual cycle. For men who do not experience sexual problems, the sexual cycle is usually from the point of arousal to climaxing and orgasms. 

For men who do experience erectile dysfunction, his sexual cycle often leads to reduced erection performance.  The cycle has trigger points at different stages during sex. As a result, this increases fears, anxiety performance, over focussed on his penis, trying hard to get hard, worrying about if he will lose his erection and if his partner is enjoying sex.   

1. Thoughts, mindset and beliefs

Overthinking, thoughts, mindset and beliefs.  What you think and believe has a direct impact upon your penis. If you overthink and enter a fixed mindset (this is going to happen again) triggers a chain reaction from your mind to your body and penis. 

2. Sexual Performance Anxiety

When sexual performance anxiety is leading and dominating your sexual performance, sex becomes something to fear rather than enjoy.  perhaps you fear failing and how your partner may react which then causes more anxiety. 


3. Hyperfocus on penis and partner

When you focus 100% on your penis and worry you do not please your partner, this puts pressure on your performance”.  As a result, you become less present and engaged. You may find this free breathing exercise useful: Breathing exercise for erectile dysfunction.

4. Penis Conditioning

Losing erections or difficulty maintaining an erection becomes your conditioned response due to this happening many times. Your penis has been trained to respond in this way through muscle memory.

5. Sexual Erection Cycle

When your natural sexual erection cycle is interrupted, by any of the above stages, this creates a self-fulling prophecy. As a result of the triggers, you loss your erection.

4. Erectile Dysfunction

The final stage is erectile dysfunction. Erection strength and control is lost. This physical  response becomes more embedded and ingrained in your mind, body and penis. 

Breathing exercise for Erectile Dysfunction

Watch this free breathing exercise to help with stage 3 of the six stages of erectile dysfunction. 

This erection exercise stops the hyper-focus on the penis, so there is more energy flow through the whole body. As a result, the emotional tension around the penis reduces, and you feel more relaxed and less pressured.

Creating Erection Success

The first step towards ending erectile dysfunction and creating erection success is understanding how your erection sexual cycle is causing specific triggers which then causes a set of learnt behaviour responses which leads to erection at either a reduced capacity or complete loss.

I really understand, at the moment, you feel that you may never overcome this. I see this is many of the men who I work with because they have lost hope.  You are invited to contact me to book your complimentary telephone consultation.  I will ask you specific questions, share how the programme works and we will explore if we are a good match to work together. Call +44 (0) 753 421 3557 or send a private message.

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