Relationships and male sexual problems

Sex and sexual relationships are very intimate, personal and private between two people. Sex is often the foundation to a strong and happy relationship. When male sexual problems occur, such as impotence, getting and maintaining erections, sexual anxiety, premature ejaculation it can begin to impact relationships, confidence and sexual enjoyment. 

A man who experiences sexual problems may feel ashamed, anxious, guilty or embarrassed  and begins to withdraw and avoid from intimacy, relationships and sexual activity for fear of failure.

As a Sex Hypnotherapist and Coach I am often in a unique position to see the dynamics of male and female relationships and sexual issues.  Working with many men who experience sexual issues one of their underlying fears is that that there partner will leave them as they are not able to meet her needs and fulfil her sexually. For many it really does impact their sense of self and their masculinity.  

I realised that very few women really understand how to support their partner while they are experiencing sexual problems and I create a video below. This is a personal message for women on how to deal with your partner’s sexual issues. Please do watch it.

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