Mind and Body connection and Hypnotherapy

Working as a hypnotherapist in London, an important aspect of the work is working with the mind and body connection. Often I see a huge disconnect between the mind, body and heart. It seems in recent times the mind is considered more important that the connection with the body.

The mind and body connection is a recent revelation for western culture, although eastern countries have been very much aware of the mind and body connection for a long time.

At the Art of Living Hypnotherapy, my approach to the hypnotherapy process mind and body connection is a conscious awareness of what are mind and bodies are telling you at any specific moment. It also goes beyond our physical body but also our inner selves or as some people like to say our spiritual selves.

When the mind and body connection is not balanced you may feel stressed, anxious or perhaps get a stomach upset or a head ache.

When you have a thought or feel an emotion these have a direct impact upon your body, and how you respond.

By understanding your mind and body connection helps you to:
* Understand what you body is telling you
* Re-balance your emotions
* Feel calmer
* Deeper sense of well being
* Feel emotionally stronger and more resilient.
* Feel much more happier

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