How male sexual issues impact leadership

Working with Men who experience sexual issues
Who we are sexually had a direct influence over our life – and that includes how leaders lead others. If men experience sexual issues this has a knock off effect on their sense of masculinity and male identity – which then influences who they are as leaders.
Male sexual issues and the impact upon their leadership style, communication and skills is an areas which hasn’t been researched, understood or even discussed at all.

Many of my clients are leaders in their organisation. They appear confident. Yet underneath they are carrya large secret – they can not perform sexually – either through sexual anxiety, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It feels like a weight on their shoulders – a heavy burden that they are inadequate, and for some feel a sense of loss of male identity.

They carry this within them in their inner world and it indirectly has a influence on their leadership style and skills. I was reading Harvard Business Review – 10 most reads on managing yourself.  In this book they discuss the impact of a leaders emotional style – it’s an area which is most often dismissed of any importance  (especially here in the UK) but who we are emotionally has influence and impact on the people we meet, communicate with and how we lead others.

Who we are sexually also has a direct influence in our life – as sex is an important part of who we are as human beings and is connected to our emotional, physical and intimate well-being. Some of my clients share with me that they find it difficult to manage conflict effectively, they may have an increase in anxiety and stress at work are not able to fully access their masculine qualities – strength, inner powerful, decision making and focus – which contributes to how well they lead themselves and others.

In my experience and direct reporting from my clients  is this: When the sexual issue is resolved the anxiety and stress reduces significantly or is eliminated. They begin to show up more fully at work and their leadership style and skills become more aligned with who they truly are as men.  Dealing with conflicts, communications and leading becomes second nature.  They feel calmer and more in control within themselves.  They become the leaders they were born to be.

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