Living a heart centred life


Are you searching for meaning in your life?

Perhaps feel that you should be “happy” and content with what you have achieved yet something feels missing. 

Perhaps you have achieved all you want to, and reached your earning power but you are still not happy?

Let me ask you this question:   Do you let your head rule your life or are you guided by your heart?

Just think about that question as you read on.

One of the biggest misconceptions and inner conflicts is that we believe we should be ruled by our head not out hearts. When we allow our mind and ego to lead us and influence our decision making or even how we communicate with others we are not be truly authentic. 

Being ruled by our mind all the time leads us on a path of self-preservation, self-control and fear. The mind doesn’t like change, feels uncomfortable and likes to protect and keep us safe.

The heart on the other hand wants us to succeed, be happy and fulfil all our dreams and live our life to our maximum and true potential.

I was once be ruled by my head. All the decisions I made in my life were based on fear, self-limiting beliefs and anxiety. No wonder I was so unhappy!

Learning to listen to my heart was uncomfortable at times – it took me out of my comfort zone but it was rewards were worth it.

A heart centred life is about being true to yourself, authentic and following your purpose in life.

Many people who are ruled by their head often live a life based upon fear. For some their motivation and drive life is money, and from this place exist a place of fear.  Fear of not having enough money, or using money and material things to gain respect. They work hard, sacrificing their personal life and dreams to earn all they can for financial security. They then use the money to buy cars, gadgets, holidays or eating at expensive restaurants. 

However at their core there is still a level of unhappiness.  Because they have disconnected from their true and authentic self. Their dreams, hopes and desires were pushed aside for monetary success.

I have coached many people who are successful, wealthy have it all yet something fundamental is missing from their lives. The are not listening and following their heart desires. They got caught up in the trap of success, money and material possessions.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Our true happiness is not connect with how much money we have or what job we do. 

True happiness comes from living a heart centred life and being authentic. When you are connected to a heart centred life you are also connected to your passions, talents, gifts and power and the rest will naturally follow.

Living a heart centred life is not about scarifying success or wealth, it’s about creating a more emotional rich and deeper meaningful life.

My life is a heart centred path. I am following my heart, path and purpose. I creatively used my passion to build and develop a thriving therapy practice.  I am true to me and my dreams.  My life is about service to others, love, kindness, compassion,  laughing, drawing, writing and being with in nature.  A place where my needs are also important.  That’s when I am at my happiest. 

Everything else is just a wonderful bonus!

Do you have live a heart centred life?  Please share your thoughts and comments below I would love to read them.

Also, please feel free to share this blog with family, friends and colleagues.

P.S do you life the photo above?  It’s close to where I live – how blessed am I to live in a beautiful area!

About Linda Connors


If you are ready to live a heart centred life please contact me to discover how the life coaching programme can assist you to make the most of your wonderful, special and unique life.

I am a therapist, hypnotherapist and life coach with over 7 years experience. 

My philosophy in my work as a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach is that at the core and heart of each person lies the ability to create a life filled with abundance.  Working together we create meaning, and a true authentic life path and purpose.

Abundance of joy, happiness, satisfaction and success.

You can contact me on 075 3421 3557.  I am available to answer to discuss your situation and answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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