how to Love your vagina

Let's be honest here

How do you love your vagina? What is your relationship with your vagina? How do you love your vagina?  How often do you think of her? How would you describe your relationship with this most intimate and sacred part of you?

Is she filled with shame? Do you disconnect from her? Avoid her? Do you close the door to the room of pleasure and desire?

Each vagina is unique and beautiful with their own characteristics, colour, shape and size.

What are your vagina stories?

 As women, we have been fed a lie which has been passed down for hundreds of years.  I’ve worked with women with orgasm issues or vaginismus who think their vagina is ugly, disgusting and gross. As a result they disown this powerful and beautiful part of them. 

My vagina is ugly. It’s a funny shape. It’s not normal. Does this sound familiar?

When you disconnect from your vagina you are also disconnecting from a sacred and wild part of you. 

How do you cultivate a loving and sacred relationship with your vagina? It’s a journey of the mind, body, heart and spirit. For when you connect to this most beautiful part of you also connect with the wild goddess within.


Love your Vagina in 5 steps

Step 1 Acceptance

The first step to cultivating a loving relationship with your vagina is acceptance.

Write a list of 10 words to describe how you feel about your vagina.

Then pause. Just breathe.

Perhaps ugly or disgusting may be on your list. Sit in a non-judgement place of acceptance.

You can not make any changes in your life unless you first begin to accept where you currently are.

Step 2 Write a letter to your vagina

The second step to loving your vagina is writing a letter to her. Get a pen and journal. Write free hand and let the words flow. Do not hold back. Be truthful here. What are you honest thoughts here? How do you truly feel about your vagina? What do you want her to know

Note: use hand writing with pen and paper rather than typing on screen as it is more engaging with your mind, body and heart.

Step 3 Write a letter from your Vagina to you

The third step loving your vagina is write a letter from your vagina to you. What does your vagina want you to know today? How does she feel being in the dark and shadows? How does she feel about being hidden for so long and disconnected from you? How does she want to express herself?

Again use handwriting rather than typing on screen.

Step 4 Breath work

The forth step to loving your vagina is to breath into her. 

Imagine your breathe flows all the way into your pelvic area and vagina.  Gentle breaths and nothing rushed.

Pause. Allow your breath to meet your vagina.

Release the breath.

Repeat as required.

Beware of the physical sensation of your breath meeting your vagina.

This breathing exercise helps to reconnect to your vagina.

Step 5 A Living Question

The fifth step to creating a loving relationship with your vagina is to ask yourself a living question.

A living questions is something that we give life and breath to. It’s a form of meditation. For five days, ask yourself what does my vagina want me to know today.

Example: one thing my vagina wants to know today is……

Love your Vagina

When you start to love your vagina life naturally changes. You open your heart, body and mind in a new and exciting ways. Your wild heart starts to have more presence upon this ancient landscape.

Have fun with these steps and be creative. As you learn how to love your vagina you also learn how to love yourself more deeply and wildly.

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