Relationships can be the place of incredible love, passion, intimacy, commitment and kindness. But they can also be the place of hurt, dysfunction, pain and anger.

Communication and the way we express ourselves is one of the keys to a kind, happy and loving relationship. Why do so many couples find it difficult to be honest and truthful with each other? In a  kind and loving way rather than causing hurt and pain?

It’s natural that couples have a difference of opinion, expectations and needs in a relationship. It’s also important these are expressed in an honest, kind, loving and truthful way.

Dysfunctional relationships

Many couples often go around in circles and a result become stuck in their communication styles which are not productive and leads to further dysfunction. With each person begins to play a little game of being passive aggressive.  Or even gives the silent treatment to avoid conflict. As a result the couple become disconnected from one another. 

Then there is the fully fighting couple who are not afraid to yell and argument where nothing is held back.  In the heat of the moment, they are focusing on their own anger and being right rather than working together to move forward.

If couples arguments were honest

I want to share this gem of a video with you – on what happens if arguments were honest?

Do you recognise yourself in here?


About Linda

Linda Connors is the UK’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist and she also works with individuals and couples to improve their relationship through the hypnotherapy relationship coaching programme.

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