10 Benefits of Hypnotherapy

There is often a misunderstanding of Hypnotherapy and how it can help improve your life. Many think hypnosis is restricted to fear of flying, stop smoking or weight loss.  However, there has been significant advances in the field of hypnotherapy in recent years, and I want to share with you ten benefits of hypnotherapy and how it can help improve your life.
1. Hypnosis works directly with your unconscious mind

Have you ever wondered why do things automatically and out of your conscious awareness without any conscious input – using cocaine, hair pulling, having sexual issues or blushing? The answers live in your unconscious world.

By accessing your unconscious mind, you have the ability to change these behaviour patterns into a positive way of living your life.

2. ​Creates rapid and effective changes compared to traditional talking therapies

Hypnotherapy is a more rapid, productive and proactive way of working and it is just as caring and compassionate as traditional talking therapy.

Because hypnosis dives deep into the unconscious mind, you get the answers you want quickly, create deep inner change and new ways of living your life compared to traditional talking therapies.

3. Works with complex issues such as addictions and sexual issues

A few years ago hypnotherapy was restricted to fear of flying, weight loss and stop smoking. Today hypnosis is an effective treatment for addiction recovery (porn and cocaine) and sexual issues (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, low sex drive and orgasm dysfunction).

Important Note: not every hypnotherapist is experienced or trained to work with sexual issues and addictions so it’s essential to check their credentials.

4. Creates awareness, understanding and connects to innate wisdom

Hypnosis provides the platform to form a deeper understanding of why you do the things you do. It helps you to understand yourself, gain life-altering insights and connects to your innate wisdom. The advantage of this is that it helps to create life-long changes.

5. Changes inner programmes and behaviour habits

From the moment you were born your unconscious mind builds templates that programme you to behave in certain ways and creates the loop of habits. Hypnosis helps to change the internal programmes to build new behaviours and helps to stop the triggers from manifesting into physical or emotional behaviours and actions.

6. Builds inner resources and skills

Hypnotherapy helps to develop your essential life skills and resources for confidence, self-belief, enhance self-esteem, calmness and inner peace.

7. Builds a stronger mind, body and heart connection

Hypnotherapy helps to develop a mind, body and heart connection. This helps to align your mind, body and heart with your vision and goals and the life you want to live.

8. Heals deep wounds and psychological root causes

Each person experiences the wounds of shame, abandonment, betrayal at different levels. These wounds influence the life choices you make, your relationships and career decisions. Hypnotherapy provides an opportunity to heal these wounds so you experience more inner peace, freedom and confidence.

As hypnotherapy dives in deep to the unconscious mind it helps to locate the psychological root causes to heal and help you to move forward.

9. Opens the heart for more intimacy, love and connection

Hypnotherapy provides a bridge to your heart to heal the wounds which are blocking love, intimacy and connection. Hypnosis helps to open your heart, let go of fear and learn how to embrace love, intimacy and connection for stronger.

10. Helps you to live the life you want

Hypnosis is a proactive approach to creating change and massively improves your life, relationships and career. By combining the nine benefits above you will learn how to live the life you want with deeper love, intimacy, freedom, confidence and success.

About Linda Connors

Linda Connors is Europe’s Leading Sex Hypnotherapist and Coach and offers Hypnotherapy in London Harley Street as well as online Skype.

You can start to live a better life starting today by calling Linda on 075 3421 3557 or send a message through: contact Linda

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