Hello and a warm welcome to you. In this article I will share a proven blueprint on how to treat delayed ejaculation. As a sex hypnotherapist, I understand how challenging this condition can be and the impact it has on your sex life.

Delayed ejaculation is the lesser-known sexual problem for men,  compared to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. However, many men do still have problems because they last too long during sex. To learn how to treat delayed ejaculation, it’s also important to understand what causes it. 

What causes delayed ejaculation?

Here are some reasons why men experience delayed ejaculation. 

  • You are stressed about delayed ejaculation because it happened previously.  
  • Feeling anxious about your performance and worrying about how long it takes.
  • The fear of not being able to ejaculate during sex. 
  • Worry you will not please your partner because sex takes too long.
  • Sex is too stressful, so therefore you avoid sex 
  • The penis and pelvic muscles have been trained not to ejaculate.
  • Certain medical conditions cause delayed ejaculation.

How to treat delayed Ejaculation

Everything you start to have sex your sexual cycle starts up. This sexual cycle is what happens from the start of sex to the finish point. An example of this, your partner initiates sex and as a result you feel anxious and not able to ejaculate. 

  1. Overthinking, thoughts, mindset and beliefs
  2. Sexual Performance Anxiety
  3. Hyper focus on penis
  4. Limited arousal
  5. Extended Plateau Phase (your ejaculation baseline)
  6. Loss of ability to ejaculate 

Taking the necessary steps to treat delayed ejaculation

If are ready to resolve delayed ejaculation you are welcome to contact me. I created a process that supports you through a multi-dimensional strategic approach that will resolve delayed ejaculation and as a result help you to enjoy better sex.


  • Sex Hypnotherapy
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Body RePatterning 
  • Mind-body therapy 
  • confidence coaching
  • Mindset training. 

Are taking too long to ejaculate? Contact Linda and discover the necessary steps to take to learn ejaculation mastery.

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