How to tame your fear of the unknown

Fear. A small four letter word yet it is a very powerful world. It influences how you live, the choices and decisions  you make, and how you show up in the world. It holds you back from your full potential, your gifts, as well as sexually, love, relationship and career.

I want to share some beautiful, inspiring and powerful words about fear of the unknown from a Facebook page called Mosul Eye. His brave words touched my heart. A brave historian and blogger is risking his life to report what is happening in Mosul since IS invaded two years ago.  Here the historian shares his thoughts of fear and how he tamed fear when he realised it was all in his head and his imagination – despite what was happening around him.

Read his inspirational words with an open heart and mind. I can never imagine living in such horrific circumstances where people are murdered, opposed and tortured. Even having a phone, sim card and using the internet means certain horrible and painful death – yet this brave soul is determined to share with the world what is happening in his city.

His words gives me hope for humanity and shows the potential and strength each person has despite what they may be going through – there is always another way to experience your life.  I share these words to show that you no longer need to let fear hold you back. It no longer needs to repress you or limit your life in any way. Begin to see it for what it is. It’s not real. When you begin to understand this your life will open up.

​Please note: These words are translated from google. I didn’t want to lose the power of his words so I have not changed any of the words or structure.

Maybe this will be the last quite night for my family, for me, for my loved ones, for the Mosulis. Maybe tonight is a decisive night for everything. Maybe everything comes after tonight will be beautiful and good, or maybe not. We will get rid of ISIL without a doubt. Yet, a lot is left that will need tremendous work that will take long years ahead to finish.

I hate this quietness so much; it reminds me of the quietness that took place before ISIL’s storming into Mosul. It was a dusty day, a strange dust storm before it that dusted everything. People were running at every direction after a curfew was imposed on Mosul. It was on a Thursday. Everyone just rushed to their homes after the news of ISIL invading Samarraa.

That night was a defining night for everything. It was a “before and after” moment. I can never forget this night. I cannot forget the fear on everyone’s face around me. I thought that a little child cannot comprehend his/her surroundings and do not know what fear is, and that his/her reaction to them is because of their unawareness. However, on that night, I saw fear was like a voracious beast in the eyes of children, and with every bullet that fires, this beast was growing bigger and bigger to devour me!

I can easily describe how fear looks, as a monster, with eyes look like big stones with sharp, tapered tips, as if they were to fall from a cliff over my head. I felt I was at the bottom of that valley and those eyes of this monster, that look like stones rushing off of the cliff trying to get me. They were very clear to me. Something was pushing them to fall over me. At those critical moments I was counting the moments from where they fall until they reach me, thinking of everything that I can do before those stones crush me and my family under them!

​I was thinking how can I safe my family? who should I save first? and I faced a scary dilemma at that moment, should I save the children? should I save the elderly? My parents? or the pregnant one? What if I was not able to save anyone and the stones crush me under them? What kind of dilemma is this? If only those stones could buy me some time? but I was so sure they don’t listen, nor they see, and no matter how much I scream, nothing will get in their way to stop them, or to delay them at least!

Those were the fear’s eyes only! The rest of the monster’s parts were like a trap where I was trapped and no room for me to escape, with arms extended towards me like hungry hyenas looking for their prey! Yet, what was bringing me a bit of relief is they were discussing how to eat me and who eats me first!

I used to walk down the streets with fear accompanying me with every step, just appears right before me with every single detail of it. I absurdly tried to run away as I’m walking down the streets of Mosul, then I realize I’m running of something invisible, and its all in my head. I tried to tell my friend that there are monsters waiting to eat me alive, but I hold myself from voicing those fears. I kept them to myself and didn’t want anyone to know about them.

​I have tried to tame this monster. Staring at him in the eye was very exhausting until I successfully tamed him. He became more calm, at least he stopped attacking me!

Linda Connors

Linda Connors is a Harley Street Hypnotherapist and Coach working with individuals to move beyond fear and live with an inner freedom, peace and confidence.

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