The ejaculation control brakes are dysfunctional

The men I work with tend to fall into the two categories.

For some men the premature ejaculation has been a life long condition. 

For other men it can appear suddenly without warning. Often at the start of a new relationship especially if the other person may be the “one”. 

For both categories the sexual anxiety, fear and worries often gets in the driving seat just before you are about to have sex. These emotions forget to put the ejaculation control brakes on. Sensitivity and arousal are heightened and the time it takes to ejaculation is greatly reduced.


So how exactly do you stop ejaculating too soon?

Today I am so excited to share with you one of my masterclasses from the premature ejaculation hypnotherapy.

If you begin to implement this you should start to experience a difference. 

Please note, each man is own their own sexual journey, and this is just a fraction of my work. 

So do not be too hard on yourself if you experience only a slight change. 

Instead celebrate the success of the step forward. 

I am here to cheer you on and I know you can do this. In an authentic way that is suitable for you.

Stop focusing on your sexually performance

Many men think they need to learn something new to control their ejaculation.

Actually you need to undo what you have learnt – either through your own experiences or societies expectations of men and masculinity.

What you need to do is to stop focusing on your sexual performance. 

Stop focusing on your penis to check if you are able to ejaculate.

All this does is bring more pressure which then heightens anxiety and fears.

And this drives the self fullfiling prophecy – of premature ejaculation.    


But do I do that?

I get it.

I really do as I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of men. This has given me a unique window of men, their sexual fears, the intense pressure they put themselves under to perform and sexually please their partner.

Keep reading, and I’ll share some exercises at the end of this article.

Embrace sexual presence and connection

When you switch from trying so hard to perform to sexual presence you open a new door way to connection.

The presence within yourself and the presence with your partner.

You become present in the now. Not the past perceived sexual failures, or what may or not happen.

You become present to your sexual partner. 

Rather than trying do hard to please her and to make her have an orgasm you become connected with her.

Just imagine what they feel like. 


A take-away. An exercise to practice.

Before I start, do not under estimate this exercise. If done correctly it can make a huge difference in your life.

I am really excited to share with you the living question.

The living question is a powerful way of living and experience your enquiry and answer.

Try this for a week or two weeks if you can! 

  1. Set time to meditation each morning.
  2. Have a pen and paper ready (not your phone!)
  3. write in your journal – what’s one way i can be more (sexually) present today.
  4. meditate on the enquiry.
  5. Be aware if your ego tries to answer!
  6.  Shift down to your heart and let the answer come from there.
  7. Write down your answer
  8. Live this question and answer during the day
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