How to have sex if you have vaginismus

If you have vaginismus you may be wondering how you can sex. I am sure most women will agree having vaginismus sucks. It impacts your life, your relationship and also how you feel about your vagina. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can resolve vaginismus and learn how to have sex with confidence and ease.

Sex is very challenging for women who have vaginismus because the vagina tenses up and blocks the penis from entering. 

Learning how to have sex is a powerful journey of self discovery into who you are as a women.  If you need support to have sex the vaginismus treatment 

As UK’s leading Sex Hypnotherapist here are my tips on preparing your mind, body and heart to have sex for the first time.

Breathing and relaxation

As you learn how to have sex it is essential to learn how to relax your body and vagina.  Due to unconscious behaviour patterns your body and vagina have been trained to become tense and block anything trying to enter.  This relaxation also creates new body memories which in time will override the existing ones.

Practising yoga and meditations are an excellent way of developing a more relaxed body.  On Linda’s Vaginismus Programme she shares powerful breathing and meditations which are designed to work with vaginismus.

Communicate openly with your partner

Women often keep their partners in the dark about their fear of sex, how the body reacts unconsciously and how they fear pain. Begin to be honest with your partner about how vaginismus is affecting you. 

It is also important you let your partner share his feelings and thoughts because vaginismus also affects him. Let this conversation become the gateway to honesty, support and deeper love.

You can still be intimate!

Do not let vaginismus stop you from intimate and close with your partner. There are others ways to be intimate with other sexually without having sexual intercourse. Massage, kissing, stroking, cuddling and touching each other are wonderful ways to connect with each other on a heart level. 

It’s natural you may fear intimacy leads to your partner wanting sex.  If this is the case it is essential to be open and honest with each other. Create clear boundaries together. 

Retrain your vagina

Dilators can help to retrain your vagina. Dilators come in different sizes and are an excellent resource because they help to create a muscle memory of having something in your vagina. 

As you learn how to have sex celebrate your successes!

As you embark on the learning how to have sex journey remember to celebrate each step you take. 

If you insert a dilator deeper than before or your start to use the next size – celebrate! When your partner can insert his finger in your vagina or able to insert even the tip of his penis in your vagina – Celebrate! 

The Vaginismus Treatment Programme

As the UK’s leading Sex Hypnotherapist I have created a healing and empowering vaginismus treatment programme. This programme teaches you the necessary steps to have sex with confidence, ease and comfort.  You can read more about this programme here: Vaginismus Treatment. 

You are also welcome to call me on 075 3421 3557 to explore how this programme can help you to have sex with ease and comfort.  Appointments are in London Harley Street and Online.

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