How to build confidence

Building confidence or improving confidence is not what you think. Today I am going to share with you a little known fact. This fact is the key to creating long-lasting change in the way you experience your life.

As a confidence hypnotherapist and coach, many come asking me to improve their confidence.  Some are really held back by lack of confidence in their personal and professional life.

Confidence doesn’t come from just anywhere. Confidence is a result

The key to building confidence is not directly working with confidence, but building up inner resources and teaching fundamental life skills. With these new resources I then teach you how to tap into this energy and the result is confidence.

Building inner resources and learning skills is the key for sustainable long-term success. Without this step you would not have the necessary skills and abilities to take the changes we create in the room together and experience them in your day to day life.

Many hypnotherapist, coaches and therapist do not understand this step to building confidence.

Confidence state

A confidence state is not just focusing on how you feel inside, but also working with you your body language, beliefs, values, communication, voice, energy of the body, and the physical body.  Through coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP this confidence state can be embodied and embedded within you so it becomes your natural way of being.

It’s also important to know that naturally there will be times when you perhaps feel not confident especially if you are stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is when the resources and skills become fundamental in helping you to reconnect with your inner confidence and succeed.
If you would like to find out more on how we can work together to build up your confidence let’s chat.

You can call me on 075 3421 3557 and if we both feel we can work together we will schedule your first appointment.

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