How your beliefs, thoughts and mind-set holds you back

As a Hypnotherapist and Coach, one of the areas I am passionate about is how our mindset, thoughts and beliefs can shape our reality. The beliefs men and women carry about themselves, beliefs in relationships, cultural beliefs all influences our lives, has a direct impact on our body, emotions, feelings and immune system. This influence is responsible for the actions we take, or don’t take in our life. This isn’t pop psychology – it’s backed up by neurological scientific research.

​I see how thoughts, mindset and beliefs are played out time and time again by the people who work with me. Let’s look at a man who experiences premature ejaculation as an example. He thinks and believes that he will ejaculate too early when he has sex with his partner, as that is what has happened in the past. His mindset is set to failure mode, and his belief is that he won’t be able to perform sexually. This system of thoughts, beliefs and mindset join together and send a message down into the body which causes the body to go into flight or flight mode, and he feels anxious. Combined with anxiety and the information provided from his mindset, belief system and thoughts his penis becomes too excited, sensitive and highly aroused and he ejaculates too quickly.


Dr Mario Martinez (a neurological psychologist) shares a fascinating story about how thoughts, beliefs and mindset create our reality.

During Cuban’s communist early days many left Cuba and moved to America – from people of poverty to those with a comfortable and wealthy lifestyle. These people who interviewed as they prepared to start their new life in a new country with a different culture and language.

The interviewer asked how they felt about moving to America. The poverty group responded by saying it’s going to be terrible. We don’t know the language. We have no money. It’s going to be tough. The people from the comfortable and wealthy lifestyle said America is full or opportunity.

Ten years later the interviewer contacted the two groups again to check on their progress. Many from the poverty group were living in ghettos and still struggling as they had done in Cuba. The wealthy group were living in nice and safe areas, had lovely homes and had rebuilt their life.

You may think yes of course – the wealthy group had money to support their move and rebuild their lives.

No. BOTH GROUPS WERE ONLY ALLOWED TO TAKE TWO BAGS EACH. NO MONEY. THAT’S IT. This story illustrates so beautifully the difference between the poverty and wealthy mindset (and I’m not just talking about financial wealth here).


The beliefs you hold about yourself, and the world around you holds you back. I’m not good enough. I’m not worthy of love. Life is tough. I won’t succeed. Perhaps you notice you are living only half a life as you take your beliefs as fact. When we believe these things in the core of our body they hold us back. It’s as though we place an invisible wall around ourselves which where we live and act out our beliefs and mindset.

What beliefs are you holding onto that are creating blocks in your life? I can’t perform sexually. I can’t stop blushing. Anxiety is always going to be a big part of my life. I’m going to fail. I’m hopeless. The list in endless.


When our beliefs, thoughts and mindset align with our vision, dreams and goals and how we want to live our life this creates a paradigm shift. With a healthy belief system and a learner mindset, we begin to live with openness in mind, body and heart. We begin to see and experience that there is a lot of opportunity in the world. I’m worthy of love. It’s okay to fail. I am capable.

As you can see from the above examples, each one of us does create our own reality. We live in an abundant world of opportunity, love, kindness, hope, compassion and wealth. When our beliefs and mindset mirror this abundance – we really can live as we are truly meant to.


Today you are invited to witness how your mindset and beliefs are influencing your life. Just witness them and notice the impact they have in your life. How you show up. How you communicate. At work. In the bedroom. Your bank account.  Observe the direct influence they have over your body, emotions, and how you live your life. 

This knowledge is the key to create the changes you seek.

About Linda Connors

Since 2007 ​Linda Connors, London Hypnotherapist and Coach, helps executives to change their mindset, thoughts and beliefs and to be aligned in mind, body, heart and spirit to experience more success and happiness.

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