How Movement Can Change Your Life

When I was training to be a counsellor and psychotherapist and undergoing my own therapy I couldn’t understand why the therapist and client just sat rigid in the chair for 50 minutes in every session – simply focussing on the mind without any input from the body and heart. There was no talk about self-love, compassion and kindness. There as no talk about movement, my inner resources and skills. As a result, I didn’t experience any change in my life.

These experiences motivated me to create a new process to help people move forward in their life and be more of who they are. Our body need movement to live fully and completely. Life is about movement, how we move is an expression of who we are and is an expression of our inner landscape. If  your inner landscape is filled with depression, anger, depression, anxiety or fear this will restrict your movement in life and actions you take.

Sitting still in our life including the therapy room can reinforce stuckness. Repression, anxiety, fear remain stuck and embodied within the body. This is why I bring movement into my work. We kick off our shoes, create space in the room and I take my clients through a process which I have created which works with the mind, body, heart and spirit. It shakes off the old behaviour patterns and creates a new way forward and experience in life. We don’t just talk about calmness, confidence, strength, masculinity, femininity, love, I take you through a process in which you embody and embed these changes within your inner self. This level of work goes directly into your core and centre of who they are.

Movement means progress

Movement helps us to connect to our physical being and align the mind, body, heart and spirit together. Movement helps to life to flow more freely and expand the inner landscape. It helps to free the body and let of the old way of being.

My clients often say they feel whole, connected, grounded, changed. I see the physical difference. Their energy is different;  they hold themselves differently, they have a new found inner quiet confidence which shines outwards, they have a deeper presence within themselves. As they leave the session they walk with a gentle power and grace. They have truly become more of who they are.

Movement allows you to see and experience yourself in a new way. Your body language changes, your natural confidence soars.

Movement offers a new freedom in your life, mind, body and heart

Sometimes people are a little unsure when they begin the movement work with me, but once they experience, feel it and see the changes in their life there is no turning back. Movement is who we are yet some are afraid of movement, to be seen, to express, to show up in this way. It’s life changing work. 

The movement work compliments the coaching conversations and hypnosis work we do.  The way I work isn’t for everyone – as it means stepping outside of their comfort zone and it’s different, unique and unlike any coaching or therapy you have been through before!

So whatever you are feeling – move. Feeling sad, stressed, stuck, lonely, depressed, move.  Even if you are feeling joyful, love, happy and content – move!

Life is about movement and expression move your body. Walk, exercise, dance, skip, swim, get on your bike – just move – and enjoy this new expression in your life and notice how your life naturally changes. How you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Willing to take risks. Willing to show up more. Life is too short to be stuck – so today do something different and go out and move.

About Linda Connors

Linda Connors is a Hypnotherapist and Coach helping people to become more of they truly are. To live a life of freedom, strength and clarity. To enjoy more happiness and joy in their life. To discover how you can change your life call Linda on 075 3421 3557.
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