As an anxiety hypnotherapist I have worked with many people with anxiety and through my own personal experience of anxiety in my mid-twenties I understand how anxiety can impact your life.

I’ve put together 3 great tips to help reduce anxiety, please come back soon as I will be sharing more tips within the next few weeks.

If you have any comments please add them at the bottom of the article as I would love to read them.

Tip 1 – Thoughts

The stories that you tell yourself simply increase anxiety. Thought are simply words flowing though your mind and it’s the attachment that gives words their power.

Challenge your thoughts – ask is this true?

Do not use your energy to constantly push thoughts away or ignore them, instead allow them to be present and introduce new thoughts such as “I am okay”, or “I am safe”.

Tip 2 – Calmness

Learn meditation, breathing or calmness exercises and put them into practise on a daily basis.  

Tip 3 – Give up coffee!

If you drink coffee – give it up or try and reduce your consumption.  Coffee is a stimulant which increases your heart rate.  If you are  sensitive to anxiety, coffee replicates the anxiety on a physical level and your body and mind reacts to the changes in your body as anxiety.

These are just 3 simple tips but do not underestimate them. If you put them into action you can begin to make a difference in how you feel.

To find out more about the hypnotherapy anxiety treatment please contact me on 075 3421 3557.

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