Do you use alcohol to numb sexual anxiety or fear of intimacy?

I remember in my twenties and up until my mid thirties to have sex I needed to be tipsy or preferably drunk.  I used alcohol to be confident, courageous and adventurous. I thought I was having a great time and sexually empowered however in truth I was hiding and having very unfilling and disconnected sexual experiences. 

It was a strange experience when I stopped turning to alcohol to have sex and be intimate. I felt anxious, very unconfident and was afraid of intimacy.

I woke up one morning after another night of disconnection with a huge hangover and I thought enough is enough. Surely there must be another way to experience sex and enjoy it with my mind, body and heart! 

So, I went on a journey of sexual discovery and empowerment.  Where I connected to my body, sensuality and sexual energy in a new nurturing, loving and natural way. Where I learned to trust, let go and open my heart. As I moved beyond anxiety and fear of intimacy I no longer turned to alcohol for sexual confidence or courage. As a result I began to experience sex on a fun, passionate and spiritual level.

Do you turn to alcohol to have sex?

It’s a story I hear often from my male and female clients. I need alcohol to have sex, to feel confident, to feel calmer, to let go.

I wanted to shared my very personal story above to show you that there is another way to experience a great sex life. My sexual programmes teach you how to be sexually confident, how to let go, how to connect with yourself and your partner on a new level.

To find out more contact me on +44 (0) 753 421 3557. Appointments are available in London Harley Street, Bath and online through Skype – which allows people from around the UK, Europe and America to work with me.

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