Difference between the unconcious mind and conscious mind

In hypnotherapy we often talk about the conscious and the unconscious mind (also referred to a the subconscious mind) and how they both play an important part in our lives and as a consequence have a huge impact on so many different levels.

The mind operates as two separate parts, and these are referred to as the conscious and unconscious mind. Each part has a very important and vital role to play in the way that we function on a daily basis.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is responsible for our awareness in the waking state, basically experiencing our living reality and is aware and responds to our surroundings by thinking analytically and creating logical order and where we do our day to day thinking.

The Unconscious Mind

The unconscious mind is the largest and most powerful part of the mind and operates below the level of our normal consciousness. This is where our memories from the past are stored, and records our reality. The unconscious controls our emotions and our deepest core beliefs, values and imprints are programmed here. Thus, this part of the mind allows insight to who and what we are and the world around us by accessing all the information stored within this part of the mind.

But remember!

We are also so much more than  our unconscious mind and conscious mind, these are just parts of us, we are also our body, mind and spirit.

Which is why it’s important in therapy to incorporate all what makes us human – our mind, body and spirit for life!

Linda Connors

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