Are you afraid to be who you truly are?

Who are you really? 

I know it’s a big topic and for many they simply do not know how to answer.

Are you your fears, anxiety or dysfunctional behaviours?

Perhaps you try to hide from these by creating a mask or a persona – so you try to act more confident, happier or successful.

You invest your energy into something that isn’t real or serving you and it’s also hard to keep up!

When I stopped trying to be someone I wasn’t, accepted and love the human part of me that experiences emotions, feelings and thoughts a whole new world opened up for me. And it can for you.

Men who try to be more masculine without embracing their vulnerabilities, emotions and feelings. Women who try to be more confident without tapping into their inner skills and resources. They do this because they fear others will “find out” about them. 

There is another way to live your life – dare to you!   

About Linda

Linda Connors is a coach and hypnotherapist dedicated to help re-discover who they are, connect with their heart and experience more meaningful happiness, love and success.

I would love to hear from you – call 075 3421 3557 and let’s talk about your life, your goals, dreams and what changes you are ready to commit to.

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