Six Tips for women to boost libido and sex drive

Do you lack energy for sex and suffer from a low sex drive and low libido? If you answer is yes – know that you are not alone.

In our modern day society, many women have become expert in juggling their life – work, family, children, partners, friends and social life. They spend a lot of emotional and physical emotional energy on other commitments, and their own needs are put at the bottom of the list. So when it comes to sex, they are simply too tired, drained, and not in the mood to even think about it.

Low libido and low sex drive can create issues, conflicts and frustration in the relationship. On a subconscious level they put their partner, sex and themselves at the bottom of their to-do lists.

​As a Sex Hypnotherapist and Confident Coach I have worked with many women who suffer from low libido and sex drive. They simply no longer think about sex, or have any energy left for sex.

Where are you investing your sexual energy?

Sex and sexual relationships for women are multidimensional – meaning that it is not just a physically act but also an emotional one with a deep level of intimacy. If you are running around constantly, thinking about to do lists, making dinner preparations, food shopping, finishing reports for work, always checking work emails, and in the middle of this also looking after your children – it’s a little wonder you do not have the energy or emotions for sex – you are simply too stressed or tired out!

Here are my top six tips to help you increase your sexual desire and sexual libido:

Increase Sex Drive Tip 1 – Create time for you

Make time for you. Just for you. This is essential to de-stress, recharge your batteries and unwind.

If you have a busy life schedule, even just take 5 or 10 minutes out.  Have a bath, read a book, go for a walk, do some yoga or meditate. 

​This helps to reconnect to yourself and also lowers the stress hormone cortisol.

Increase Sex Drive Tip 2 – Reconnect to your sexual energy

Bring your awareness back to you. Back to your heart and body. How do you move your body? What is your relationship like with your body and vagina? Notice where you are investing your energy and bring the energy back to you.

Go our dancing, have fun, be spontaneous, give each other a non-sexual but very sensual massage! 

​This helps to reconnect to you, your body and sexual energy.

Increase Sex Drive Tip 3 – Go solo

Women often carry a lot of shame about self pleasure and masturbation. It’s the unspoken act. Get some sex toys and experiment with yourself. Learn what turns you on. What feels good and what your hot spots are.

Increase Sex Drive Tip 4 – Feel alive again!

Break out of your routine. Go away for an afternoon, or if time allows for the weekend.  Break out of your routine, do something challenging and different – go canoeing, or hiking together to get you out of your patterns and comfort zone. 

Increase Sex Drive Tip 5 – Exercise

Start to exercise. Go to the gym, bike ride, swim, or walk.  It doesn’t matter what you do just move your body.

​Exercise helps with the blood flow and releases the happy chemicals into your body called endorphins.

Increase Sex Drive Tip 5 – Go on date night

Put away your to do lists and learn to put your relationship and partner first. Go out for dinner together, dress up, wear some sexy lingerie – wear it for yourself. Don’t talk about work, or the children, focus on each other – get to know each other again and have fun!

About Linda Connors

Linda Connors is a London Sex Hypnotherapist for sexual dysfunction. She helps men, women and couples reinvent  their sex life through confidence, connection, love and heart.

​If you want to increase your sex drive call Linda now on 075 3421 3557 or send a message here. Your sex drive is an innate part of you, although it may feel lost but it’s still within you – I will help you to reconnect with it.

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