5 Tips to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation Hypnotherapist Linda Connors shares 5 tips on how to prevent PE.

Premature ejaculation is one of the top sexual issues men face and experience in their sex lives. Many men prefer to put their head in the clouds and ignore the problem, avoid sex and even some go to the extreme of avoiding relationships.

The long-term implication of avoiding discussing or confronting premature ejaculation can be detrimental.

Some men carry their sexual issues around with them on a day to day basis – it impacts them on their masculine identity, confidence levels, work, socialising and even meeting new sexual partners.

It takes courage to stop avoiding the issues and face it head on. It takes courage to speak to your partner about it. As a Premature Ejaculation Therapist I recognise it also takes courage for some men to contact me, speak to me on the phone and come to my office to attend their first appointment.

We only live this life once. How do you choose to experience life – through avoidance or connecting with your courage to look at premature ejaculation and learn how to prevent it.

I wanted to share with you top five tips to preventing premature ejaculation, gain ejaculation control and truly transform your sex life. These tips are for long-term success.

Tip 1 – Reduce anxiety

Learn breathing, meditation and body relaxation which brings a stronger sense of calmness, peace and well-being to your mind and body. It can help with sensitivity and early arousal.  One of the many exercises I share with my clients is a simple yet very effective breathing method.

Take a deep breath in, expand the breath in your stomach. Hold for three seconds. Exhale for five seconds. Do this between five and ten times.

Tip 2 – Change thinking patterns

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. We are what we think, what we think we become. If your thoughts and energy are focussed on ejaculating too early – this will become a self filling prophecy. Stop investing your energy into your thoughts. The first step is to accept and , acknowledge them. Focus on what you want (rather than what you don’t want).

Tip 3 – Build Sexual confidence

Many men that I have worked with often feel their sexual confidence has taken a huge beating. They are not sexually confident, have disconnected from their masculinity and lost faith in their sexual performance. 

Remember premature ejaculation is not who you are – it’s a physical pattern of behaviour and is not part of who you are.

Tip 4 – Communication

I recognise that discussing premature ejaculation with partners can be extremely difficult, and many men feel it’s easier and more comfortable to avoid discussing it. That may help in the short-term but definitely not in the long-term.

Communication is the key to allowing your partner to support you.  Some women may get upset and feel it’s their fault and you are not attracted to them. Be honest, open and truthful. Many of my clients who have found the courage to talk to their partner often feel relieved, and find that their anxiety and fears around sex are reduced.

Tip 5 –  Body control

Form a healthy relationship between your mind and body. The benefit of this is you will learn how to reduce and stop any tension and sensitivity in your pelvic area before you lose control.

Linda Connors

Linda Connors specialises in male sexual issues and premature ejaculation. To speak to Linda to book an appointment please call 075 3421 3557.

Please note: some medical conditions can cause sexual problems so please ensure you also speak to your doctor.

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