Linda Connors

When you stop aligning your identity with what has happened in the past you create space in your mind and body to create changes now

Hi, I'm Linda

Sex Hypnotherapist

Hello I am Linda Connors the Sex Hypnotherapist.  I provide a unique powerful 1:1 programmes and online courses to help you have to overcome sexual problems. 

Over a decade ago I left a secure corporate job and started my business in the middle of a recession. Everyone thought I was crazy but my heart told me to go for it and jump right in. I am forever grateful I did as I love my career.

Initially, I worked with stop smoking hypnosis, IBS, anxiety, weight loss, and phobias. However, people started contacting me for help with sexual problems. So I embarked on further studies to specialise in working with sexual issues

I am one of the few hypnotherapists who specialises in working with sexual dysfunction. After years of research, training, and working with hundreds of clients I have personally created all the programmes. 

I draw upon many methods. From Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Meditation, Success Intelligence, Ennegramme, Love Centered Coaching, Sex Therapy, Parts Therapy, and Body RePatterning.

I live in beautiful Glastonbury (hence the picture of the Tor!)

Most men think they need more sexual confidence to last longer
when in fact they need more courage and then confidence naturally follows

A little more about me...

I love reading physical books. I never use a kindle as there is something beautiful and very physical about holding a book in your hands. I love fiction, poetry, spiritual, personal development, entrepreneurial  and nature books. I am currently reading Conversations with Trees.

I also write poetry and paint. You are invited welcome to check out my poetry page here: Click here

I have performed comedy sketches with my partner to live audiences. It was fun, energizing and scary!

Nature is my second home.  If I am not at home cooking, reading, cuddling Teddy the Cat, catching up with friends, dancing, or having a coffee. You may also find me walking in the woods or sitting by a tree with a book in my hand! 

I grew up in beautiful Tasmania in Australia and now live Beautiful Somerset in Glastonbury where the myths of king Arthur were born. I live with Teddy the Cat and my Partner John.

Sex isn’t just about how long you last
It’s also about your presence, connection and embodiment

How you can work with me

The first step is to speak to me on the phone. Please allow 10-20 minutes for this call. I do not book appointments over email. I will ask you questions, we will discuss how I work and explore if we are a good fit to work together.

I do not offer “quick” solutions – you may have had the sexual problem for years so it will be a process to “unlearn” so you can learn a new way of being.  

Sessions are online via Zoom 

Book your complimentary discovery session

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