UK's Leading Sex Hypnotherapist

Linda Connors is the UK’s Sexual Problems Hypnotherapist working Online and London Harley Street. If you are  experiencing sexual problems, lost confidence or feeling sexually anxious contact Linda today. Discover how Linda’s Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems Programmes can help you have better sex and confidence. 

If you would to resolve the sexual problem that is causing sexual anxiety, loss of confidence, relationship issues and feeling insecure about it I am confident I can help. I am the UK’s Leading Sexual Problem Hypnotherapist. For over a decade I have supported stressed out executives resolve their sexual problems and have better sex.  I work in London Harley Street and internationally online.

Linda Connors
London Hypnotherapist

Hello, I am the UK's leading Sex Hypnotherapist

With over a decade in helping executives have better sex and greater intimacy, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women overcome their sexual challenges and develop the sexual skills they need to succeed in the bedroom.

If your sex life is not how you want it to be let’s arrange a time to speak and discuss how I may support you to turn your sexual challenges into sexual success.

Book your appointment now in London Harley Street, Bath or Online

You Can

Many of my old patterns have fallen away too, not just the fear of being unable to perform. I have begun to take more responsibility for my happiness, and well-being in all areas of my life; business, personal relationships as well as my sexuality. I feel more able to handle uncertainty and challenge as it arises, and more accepting of such difficulty, and self assured in ability to manage it. I feel more fulfilled, self aware and happy to be alive, and for this I cannot thank and recommend Linda enough.

Erectile Dysfunction

"I've stopped worrying about getting an erection"

Sexual Performance Anxiety

"Having been at the bottom of my confidence just after a month ago am now feeling better than ever"


"I now feel happy and at peace and am back to living life to the full"

our services

Sex Hypnotherapy

Linda provides a unique approach to life challenges. She is different to most hypnotherapist as she is one the few hypnotherapist who specialises is sexual problems.  This is an areas she purely focusses on.  She also works with the mind, body and heart. 

Mind, body and heart

Most hypnosis only focusses on the mind which only works with a third of you. Linda is different for she works with all you from your mind, body and heart.

The Programme

You will commit to a dedicated programme to support you to move from where you are now to where you want to get to. You will receive 1-2-1 sessions, pre-work, homework, meditations, audio classes, and hypnosis recordings

The Method

Linda works with Sex Hypnotherapy, Confidence Coaching, Love Centred Coaching, Meditations, Ennegramme and Success Intelligence.

Sex Hypnotherapy

Sex hypnotherapy for men and women to help overcome sexual problems, and learn how to have better sex. Be calmer, confident and more embodied.

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Anxiety to Calmness

Linda will teach you the five steps to overcoming anxiety. As a result you will experience more freedom, calmness, confidence and success in your life.

Read More

Confidence Mastery

Linda's Confidence Mastery Porgramme teaches you the five steps to embody more confidence, live with more courage and experience more happiness.

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Quick Summary

Better sex life

Deeper connection to body and heart

inner peace

Stronger mindset

confidence mastery


More embodied

Self love

deeper presence

Contact Linda and Booking Appointments

Whether you are looking for Hypnotherapy or coaching you are welcome to contact me to discuss further.

For London Hypnotherapy or online sessions please call 075 3421 3557, Click on the button below to send a private message. 

Appointments are in London Harley Street, online through Skype/Zoom or internationally.

Ways to connect with Linda:
1. Call Linda on 075 3421 3557 or click on the below button to send a private message. 
2. Sign up to Linda’s 
3. Read Linda’s Poetry 
4. Join Linda on Linkedin, facebook, Instagram and keep in touch!

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