Hypnotherapy for sexual problems

Helping executives overcome sexual problems so they can enjoy better sex

Specialising in Men and Women's sexual issues

Meet Linda Connors

I have over a decade experience working as a hypnotherapist working with sexual problems.  My high standard of training, both in the UK and USA, provides a excellent foundation to help you get the necessary support you need to resolve the sexual issue you are facing.

I am not a traditional or “normal” hypnotherapist. My work is deep and profound which support you not only get the results you want but also experience a new found sexual freedom. 

My office is in London Harley Street and my virtual office is online where I work with people world-wide. 

Can Hypnotherapy for sexual problems really help?

Yes! Hypnotherapy helps you to resolve the emotional, mental and physical blocks holding you back so you can experience a better sex life.

As a Sex Hypnotherapist my goal is to help you identify and overcome your sexual problem. I support you to navigate through the shame, embarrassment, insecurity, anxiety and fears so you can enjoy sex once more. 

Whether you are a man or women, want to overcome a sexual problem, increase your confidence, reduce anxiety and discover how to fully present and connected during sex. I am here to help you. 

Ready to get started?

How you can work with me

You never expected to your sex life to end up this way. The emotional toll on sexual problems is heavy. Life is too short and too precious to be stuck in your sex life. I am a very experienced hypnotherapist and coach and hold a very safe space for you to share your experience and more importantly create the path to change.

1-2-1 Hypnotherapy programmes are available online through zoom. I work with people world-wide from the UK, to Europe, Middle East, Asia and America.

Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems

Proven programmes to help you to resolve the sexual problem and discover how to have better sex

Sex Hypnotherapy for Men's Sexual Problems London Harley Street and Online

For men

Hypnotherapy for men’s sexual problems from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual performance anxiety.  Learn how to last longer in bed with confidence. 

Sex Hypnotherapy for women's sexual problems. Female Therapist. London and Online

For women

Hypnotherapy for women’s sexual problems from low sex drive, vaginismus and orgasm difficulty. Discover how to sexually empowered and confident. 

Relationship coaching and Hypnotherapy

For relationships, intimacy and love

Hypnotherapy for relationships, fear of intimacy and discover the power of self love.  Learn how to meet vulnerability and fears with an embodied presence, love and courage.


12 Years of Experience

For 8 years,until 2020, I worked in London Harley Street. I now work with people from all around the world from UK, US, Europe, Asia and Middle East.



I am not your usual typical hypnotherapist! I pride myself on many years of study and research and created powerful programmes. I combine hypnotherapy, coaching, sex therapy, body repatterning, and meditations. 


Mind, Body and Heart

I work with all of you – from your mind, thoughts, beliefs and mindset. Your body from presence, courage and retraining and muscle memory. To your heart – from love, self power and centering.


Better Sex Life

We will work on your own blue print for a better sex life. Because it is different for everyone. I work with people from many different cultures, religions and countries.

Get started today

If you are suffering from sexual problems and are ready to address them, I can help. My hypnotherapy sexual problems programmes are a proven method and have helped hundreds transform their sex life.

The first step is to contact me arrange a free telephone consultation (i speak to all potential clients before they book an appointment to ensure we are a good fit to work together).  Click on the button below to send a private message. Alternatively you are invited to call me directly on 075 3421 3557. 

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